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Marijuana Man get high with the sublimator and does some bong hits with some of his cheech glass… You can follow marijuana man on facebook at http:/www.fac…


  • funcatalogue

    this guy looks like the biggest fucking loser

  • Bailey Chestnut

    I having a very hard time believe the sublimator works so well that you
    can’t even smoke 5 grams out of it in a day. How does it make the marijuana
    much more potent than other methods of smoking? If it were really that much
    more efficient I’d never smoke out of anything else. .1 of the dankest gram
    could hardly get me a decent head change and you’re telling me you can get
    fried from that?

  • 420FriendlyGaming

    Bro there is nothing new about the sublimator its the same as knife hits
    you can break out lil ass hits and take them with hot knifes and you’ll get
    as high as you would feel like smoking a whole bowl or maybe two even.

  • Sparky Nelson

    Blazen fried goat……

  • Michael Tra

    That was so big I smelled it

  • Pure Hazee

    He’s rich, he has a contract for his YouTube videos.

  • east wood


  • scott stotts

    far to much effort for me personally and I sweat already haha dont need
    another reason lol

  • Futaku San

    this guy is pretty chill. XD

  • brandon keil


  • Deo Singiza

    I love this guy 

  • Haskanawa72

    This guy is cool!!

  • paintballrecon

    This guy is like a 49 year old bum 

  • Anubis Cannabis Reviews

    Hahahaha. Fuckin’ killer.

  • Ta Baron

    that tube wasnt yellow when he bought it

  • stonedagain100

    this dudes dumb!!!!

  • Orthiundox Noises

    words cant describe how much i love this man lol world peace is possible if
    all of us stoners stick together

  • CoreysConscience

    God, that just doesn’t even look fun.. And that cough is so fucking

  • Dr.Evil

    Sounds like you’ve been smoking too much weed there, you’ve got to listen
    to your body too. Your lounges clearly doesn’t want more smoke in them atm.

  • Dan Volz

    It’s sooo damn hard to get herb where I live. I hate it!

  • Eric Kernan


  • Tim LeDoux

    Dude if a person wants to get stoned on there ass all day like yourself, GO
    FOR IT. But putting you shit on YouTube for all to see is NOT helping
    change peoples minds about Marijuana Laws.