World’s First Marijuana Commercial – Crop King Seeds SHOW YOUR FRIENDS! This is the world’s first professional commercial for marijuana. We wanted something that not just advertise our …
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  • Anthony LaClair

    This is, without a doubt, the dumbest, most cringe-worthy thing I have ever

  • Tobias Reinhold

    This seemed really odd to me.
    First you start off by explaining all the downsides to Alcohol, adequately
    portraying the hipocrisy in specific parts of society that choose to ignore
    the downsides of alcohol, while also emphasizing the downsides of marijuana.
    Then you follow that up by the customer ignoring the clerks request to
    leave… touching stuff against the clerk’s will… Damaging inventory by
    dropping it on the ground.
    Seriously, what was that part supposed to prove? That either smoking weed
    or at least not drinking alcohol makes you a dick who doesn’t care about
    other people’s property?

    Also found that wizard-guy laughing like a sociopath more disturbing than
    entertaining… not sure whether that was supposed to be satirical or not.

  • hardwirecars

    any one in the states that goes to this website will have the dea on there
    door step by morning wow who is really gonna buy from these guys…

  • howe crocker
  • Craig Westbrook
  • John Kaitlyn

    Further, why talk shite on alcohol? I enjoy my right to have a few beers
    and if people can’t handle themselves, that’s on them. 

  • C9R9D

    I find it hilarious how well shot this was.

  • BudIsland
  • Aiden Raccoon

    If it is a commercial, I don’t think you can say “Get the fuck out” on
    national TV, even in Canada.

  • Diana SUNSHINE Wulf
  • Bob Hicks

    Stop calling it Marijuana, it’s a racial slur, like using the dreaded
    it’s Cannabis!

  • MrGrowingMarijuana

    This commercial is awesome. Educational and funny. So True. I hope
    this gets spread everywhere around the world.

  • rhetoricallity

    The bald hat guy reminds me of a homeboy i used to know back in