Women’s Mental Health Emotional Strength/Resiliency

Women’s Mental Health Emotional Strength/Resiliency presented by Jillian Lankford, MD, MPH.
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“Women’s Mental Health Issues Across the Criminal Justice System,” by Rosemary Gido, is dedicated to giving the most invisible offenders in todays criminal j…
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  • lisaengelbrektson

    This power point, while accurate, is too obtuse and rushingly covers too
    many topics in too little detail. I was looking for something more
    specific, something more applied, such as how to be emotionally strong in a
    time of acute stress, or how to be resilient upon such an instance. Yes,
    general health and wellbeing is critical, but it doesn’t tell me how I
    might better manage my reactions to enduring stressful situations.

  • Dennis Wee

    aus to mggmit to ng mga parak!