Why Some Women Like To Date Young Men?

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Dating has been the “in” thing for today’s generation. Anyone interested in a long term relationship or has marriage plans can opt for dating. It is the perfect thing if you are feeling lonely or wants a caring and loving mate.

But nowadays a new trend that we come across is women dating men younger in age. These women who have an attraction towards younger men are also termed as “cougars”. What is that help them initiate this kind of a relationship? What makes them attracted to guys who are much younger in age and has a lower maturity level? Why doesn’t the tag “Guys take more time to mature than girls do” affect their decisions?

Here are some of the universal reasons for women dating younger men-

• Younger men tend to make them feel good. The feel of a young man in their arms makes them feel more desirable and enviable. It also helps them feel a lot younger by dating youthful guys.

• For a posh and more classy lifestyle. Dating younger men automatically calls for a much energetic standard of living. The energy and enthusiasm compels these women to feel attracted to men even without having the slightest idea that they are younger in age.

• Youths always have something new and interesting. Women who like to be in par with the latest trends and style will always fall for guys who are younger. These women may find older guys boring and ignorant. Be it music or fashion, younger guys will definitely win hands down.

• Youths tend to be boastful about their relationship with older women. Women like when younger guys take them as a badge of honor and be proud of the relationship they share. Youths are never shy about them dating older women.

• Love is love and it has reasons of its own. Where there is love there are no boundaries. Age no bar is a very common saying where love is concerned. When you know that this is the guy you want to spend your life with then there is no looking back. This is another situation where women do not mind dating younger men.

• They might share the same wavelengths. It happens in many cases when the older women and the younger guy may share the same ideals, principles and goals in life. This helps them come closer and know each other no matter what the age difference.

• Unavailability of good single men in their age period. Their might not be eligible guys in their age bracket and so they opt for younger men.

What finally matters is how strong bond they share and how serious they are about each other. Maturity and experience is quite individualistic and may differ from person to person.

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