What to do about employees who use medical pot?

What to do about employees who use medical pot?
Meanwhile, Nevada law requires employers to consider "reasonable accommodations" for those who have a medical marijuana card and test positive for pot in an employment drug test. "Nevada employers are really in a pickle," said Karyn Jensen of the …
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Minnesota Senate passes medical marijuana bill; could become only state that
Supporters of legalization including some doctors, scientists, several Minnesota lawmakers and parents of ill children who argue that years of evidence from many states where medical marijuana is legal that shows the drug relieves disease symptoms when …
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Medical Marijuana is Still the Best Deal on Pot in Colorado
Consumers appear to have noticed that it's cheaper to purchase medical marijuana. “We're starting to see more people go and get their medical cards back,” Khalatbari said. “A lot of people ditched them at the end of last year and said, 'I'm not going …
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Nevada's medical marijuana business at a glance
Yet once the dispensaries are running, Nevadans with medical marijuana cards will no longer be able to grow their own marijuana, unless the strain they are growing for medical purposes is not found in the dispensaries. CULTIVATION FACILITIES: …
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