What is CBD? Take a closer look at the benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD) and how it is synthesized in the cannabis plant.
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  • Matthew Sands

    Decarboxylation at 80 degrees Celsius? How has this been ascertained and
    what time period at that temperature was required to achieve full decarb? I
    was under the impression that decarboxylation for all of the cannabinoids
    required at least 106 degrees Celsius to achieve full decarb with in an
    hour and temps below that many hours will be required to achieve it at
    lower temps. I realise some decarb occurs at very low temps (as low as 60c
    if applied for long enough) but for rapid decarb (with in an hour) I was
    under the impression that 106c minimum was needed

  • Mark Scialdone

    Good video but in the hand drawn scheme at about 1:20 that describes the
    biosynthesis of CBD, the CBD structures drawn are incorrect. Both CBD and
    CBDA are missing the methyl group of the methyl-cyclohexene (should be -Me
    not -H) and the CBD structure is missing the ortho-hydroxyl group after
    decarboxylation of CBDA to CBD by heating.

  • Yoshi5020

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  • Garret Collins

    Please pardon my ignorance. I’m confused when Dr. Goldstein stated that
    there were several studies done where someone administered a THC overdose
    as a control to a number of patients. I’ve never run across any study or
    documentation regarding a THC ‘overdose’. What is considered a THC overdose
    & what are the negative effects that the administration of CBD mitigates?
    How was the THC administered? How was the CBD administered? Is there a
    link to this study(ies)? I would be interested to review their contents.
    Thank you.

  • Brandon Murray

    Do you know what Cannabidiol AKA CBD is?

    It’s a pretty amazing element. Check out this video!


  • larry valdez

    THC over dose have you ever heard of freaking out on weed or having anxiety
    from weed or having panic attacks on weed that’s THC overdose is, now when
    they talk about THC overdose they don’t mean that youre life is in danger
    or anything like that its impossible you cant die from weed but u could
    consume to much THC to were it makes you paranoid and gives you anxiety
    that’s when you know you have consumed to much THC CBD is great for anxiety
    that’s why she said that they gave people THC overdose bad effects from
    weed and gave them CBD it took away the bad side effects of a THC overdose
    because it calm them down and relieved the anxiety and panic attacks.

  • Casa Del Loki

    What is CBD?
    #cannabis #medicalmarijuana #Khanology 

  • Jeff Jeff

    the best strain with high cbd is med gom1 (15%)!!

  • 2002TouringMOE

    what is the CBD decarboxilation temperature and time?

  • Intelly Meddy

    It’s such a great solution to so many issues. My family has benefited from
    taking cannabidiols for schizophrenia, anxiety and regulating

  • chevytech350

    Does this give you the same effect as smoking cannabis?

  • Katherine Clement

    Great info on CBD 🙂 Mother Natures Medicine <3
    Ask me how you can use CBD legally in all 50 states!

  • Raymond Couture

    This is the way I came to learn about CBDs, watch the video. This page
    basically deals with CBDs and people taking about all the good it has
    provided them. They tell you of their testimony. When hospitals give up
    and sent them home to die, CBDs heal the total body!

  • fragile1976

    Is there a grow/harvest method that can maximize Cannabidiol?

  • Illinois Cannapeutics

    Know Your Medicine – CBD – Cannabidiol – the 2nd most prevalent compound in
    cannabis. The magic of CBD’s…

  • 207Demo

    Quick question though, Indica is the type that makes you real cozy and
    sleepy right ? :o

  • Rhea Graham

    Even better is making it in to Smokeless Cannabis Remedies for them! 😉 

  • MrCharlieSurf

    CBD + THC = evolution.
    The plant is a teacher…