What are the long term effects of weed? | Marijuana Use

In this video, Bobby Wiggins, Narconon Drug Prevention Specialist, explains in simple language what are the long term effects of weed? You can find more info…


  • Brodzzzzz

    Guys This is true. Anyone who thinks this isn’t true you have turned into a
    ciggy butt braaaaain lol

  • NismoAFG123

    any drug that effects ur mental state can be harmful, weed is ok to smoke
    like twice a month but some idiots abuse it.

  • Oisin Delea

    Very well explained, you have a point. However, it’s not going to stop me
    from smoking it.

  • Daniel Baker

    Listen to the majority of weed smokers and it’s a different story to the
    one being told here. Each persons genetic makeup is unique so you cannot
    apply a blanket rule on guaranteed effects

  • MrPino2402

    I feel a more prudent explanation seems due here. Meta-analyses of
    associative studies on cannabis and depression found a modest but
    significant relationship between heavy, regular cannabis use and
    depression. Do depressed individuals self-medicate? research suggest not.
    Several potential third variables where also excluded. it therefore seems
    likely that cannabis causes depression. However, the modest association
    suggests that some people might be more prone to developing depression in
    response to cannabis use. Moral of the story: stop bullshiting that you
    still feel happy while smoking tons of weed. Your personal experience can
    not be generalized to others. The magnesium thing though.. never heard
    about that before. If i’m correct magnesium acts as a barier in NMDA
    glutamate receptors. Depletion would mean that cannabis is neurtoxic since
    excessive glutamate influx is excitotoxic to neurons. I found no evidence
    on neurotoxicity of cannabis. Only unequivocal results relating to the

  • Kolbie Fleming

    If you quit smoking would that reverse the effects?

  • MultiJamesman

    This is true. I was a heavy pot-smoker for years and this happened.

  • navnav161

    These guys cam to my high school one time and talked about the “dangers” of
    pott. all se said the whole time was it stains your body fat. Personally
    I’ve been smoking on and off for five years and have not noticed anything
    harmful what so ever… accept the empty space in my wallet…

  • weponsmaker4000

    very informal and helpful !!

  • jake smith

    bull shit i smoke weed everyday im happy

  • Juan Andrade

    He’s right. It doesn’t kill you or anything, just cause anxiety and muscle
    spasm. My cousin has that sometimes. lol

  • Cheyne Hamilton

    “those are perfectly acceptable reasons” – Question: if scientists
    extracted the exact component of marijuana that has medical benifits and
    you had a choice between that and normal weed, what would you choose?
    “maybe they dont want to, why should they?” – Question; do they know how to
    enjoy life without it? If not, that could be the challenge. Do a little
    more research about the magnesium thing, you might find that he is right..

  • Cheyne Hamilton

    Question: if scientists extracted the exact component of marijuana that has
    medical benifits and you had a choice between that and normal weed, what
    would you choose?

  • beam145

    This is painful to listen too.

  • Legend

    This Guy Needs To Smoke Some Of Da Flowers!

  • Rahul Joshi

    Nothing to this.guy is just saying something to make money like all of us
    do.and who decides whether it is good or bad?and if a person is truly
    deeply addicted to anything,can anyone help him?you can make himeven more
    addicted by uploading these videos.all of this is buisness .playing with
    people to make money.all helpers/psychiatrists in the world make money,to
    keep a person where he is-down there or- up there.

  • Devon Jloll

    This is bull. Marijuana use has been tested on certain patients for over
    thirty years at a time. And all patients who have done so had no negative
    effects. You who have depression issues can’t blame it on pot. blame it on
    something else like poverty or alcohol.

  • 42088cowboy

    how can you tell if someone is smoking weed?

  • BeatMRT

    it is less damaging than alcohol and benzo’s, but what your saying is “I’ve
    been smoking for 13 years, I’m not hooked”

  • Ian Pennie

    Yes but cannabis takes such a small amount of magnesium l, it may be
    noticed over a VERY long period of time but if you take a magnesium
    supplement it will correct the balance in your brain.

  • thanasis astalavista

    stupid things…weedd

  • mysterygirl20101

    marijuana is shite… its not a healer. people who smoke that shit sre nto
    wise in their heads… im sorry

  • Cristian Cornejo

    Well really allot of anything can kill you

  • Burt Anurp

    thanks for making me stop smoking weed 🙂 thanks alot

  • Rodney Stewart Adams

    you got it! well said!