What Are THC & CBD? | Marijuana

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Medical & health benefits of marijuana: Cannabidiol, endocannabinoids, THC & cannabinoid receptors

Believe it or not there are valid health benefits of medical marijuana. Cannabidiol, the non psyhoactive component of cannabis binds to naturally occurring c…
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    What Are THC & CBD? | Marijuana

  • Benjamin duPont

    I’m disabled and pot and everything in it has kept me alive 6 years longer
    that the doctors said I would die, and I’m getting better every day. It’s
    sad to see there are still uneducated people at this day when pot is legal
    in 44 states lol. And they talk about IQ. Brainwashed pussies.

  • ledgend209

    blesss them man to ride a magic carpet god he’s very good at explaining
    weed .

  • Anthony Taylor

    Marijuana harms in many ways, and kids are the most vulnerable to its
    damaging effects. Use of the drug can lead to significant health, safety,
    social, and learning or behavioral problems, especially for young users.
    Making matters worse is the fact that the mar ijuana available today is
    more potent than ever.

  • thirtythree

    i LOVE W e e 😀

  • 175maddie

    what does anti depessant do to you

  • Anthony Taylor

    Shortterm effects of marijuana use include memory loss, distorted
    perception, trouble with thinking and problemsolving, and anxiety. Students
    who use marijuana may find it hard to learn,4 thus jeopardizing their
    ability to achieve their full potential.

  • Anthony Taylor

    •Weakened immune system. Studies have shown that THC can damage the immune
    system – the cells and tissues in the body that help protect against
    disease. When the immune cells are weakened, you are more likely to get
    sick. •Difficulty remembering things and concentrating.

  • Jon Alesbury

    Howcast not Whatcast

  • Anthony Taylor

    Cannabis smokers are exposed to more toxic chemicals in each puff than
    those who smoke only tobacco, scientists have found. Earlier research shows
    cannabis smokers are more prone to lung damage than cigarette smokers.

  • joe biden

    CBD is better and i think its in purple weed.

  • Wyatt ColoDrough

    My GPA has risen from a 2.7 to a 3.5 since i started smoking. Explain please

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  • pieisbiglie

    If you dont do any drugs of any sort why do you feel so strong about
    stopping other people

  • Anthony Taylor

    Anyone can justify almost anything. Doesn’t change the harmful effects it
    causes. Smoking anything causes respiratory problems. Tnx has more ammonia
    than tobacco. Smoke all you want and die. I’m okay with that.

  • Anthony Taylor

    Marijuana use, in fact, is often associated with behavior that meets the
    criteria for substance dependence established by the American Psychiatric
    Association in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

  • Stash Kinzinger

    Weed does get tar in your lungs when you smoke it, but it is helpful

  • Diversa

    the only bad thing about weed is that it’s illegal

  • Anthony Taylor

    smoking alone causes other health diseases, such as high blood pressure,
    diabetis and asthma..le alone all the amonia found in thc.

  • GarrettPlye

    I dont know but I like it.

  • Munchies .

    Why all of a sudden does howcast upload weed videos

  • Falconsfan408

    so u dont get high off cbd? i bought a disposable vape pen with cbd.
    hopefully i feel something

  • Anthony Taylor

    •Lack of motivation. You could lose interest in school, work and activities
    that you enjoy. •Risk of mental health problems – depression, anxiety,
    schizophrenia •Risk of addiction. Today, more teens enter treatment for
    marijuana dependency than for all other illicit drugs combined.

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  • Conventicle

    Great video and answers to all the common questions

  • leo bombud

    Thanks patrick.thats exactly why i subscribed cuz you always spitting
    knowlegde in my brain.keep it up and please do a video talking about fake
    rappers and you dont know how they got popular,2chainz.french montanta,lil