Welcome to Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters

Welcome to Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia. The world-famous activist-owned CC…

Thought I’d share this with you. This is in front of a liquor store. There are 2 magz about weed and one on top about family raising.
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  • Ugnius Uga Dub

    help legal marijuana in europe

  • YoyoMan8383

    Marc Emery is a con artist. All that seed money, went to his lavish life.

  • Alkohollokaust

    dont call it “legalize”, call it repeal prohibition or regulate marijuana.
    No one said “legalize alcohol” during alcohol prohibition. “legalization”
    sounds too scary to some people, they think its a free for all where its
    legal for kids and legal to drive stoned.

  • kendo512

    Look, I agree with you that it should not be the case. But it is the case.
    If you put a sticker on your car advertising your cannabis use, then you’re
    going to attract police attention. You may think it’s the “right kind of
    attention”, but really, you’re just fucking yourself over when they bust
    you for having weed in your car. I’m totally for the legalization movement,
    and civil disobedience, but flagging yourself down for a potential DUI is

  • nate dogg

    18 i believe

  • Alkohollokaust

    theres a reason why the marijuana legalization initiatives in Colorado,
    Washington, Oregon, and California were NOT called the “legalize marijuana

  • Purnez

    bob marley – legalize it

  • Nathaniel McCray

    I would be there every day.

  • 92raiders519

    Love dis song man green tings yah seen

  • xxTheBeyondWithin

    Fuck… that was very cool xDxDxD

  • socialcannabisclub

    Nice! Peace from Holland

  • Purnez

    oh thanks for the ear

  • CantWeedThis

    I put a huge legalize letter on my rear window of the car and blacked it
    out green and bought half a dozen legalization shirts that i wear everyday
    now. Im done tip toeing around scared of what misinformed people think.

  • victor manuel hernandez aceves

    Greetings from México city.Nuff respect and alot of blessings for mi Canada
    idrens and sisters

  • Buchoass

    This is an awesome tour. I’m so so so upset that I was living there for a
    year and never made it to the headquarters to visit. My intentions were to
    drop by to say hi and to hopefully meet Jodie. This will have to do because
    now I’m living in the USA and can’t travel until I get my immigration
    status changed. I won a FREE MARC T-Shirt and I wear it proudly. ~Cheers~

  • Gandalf Herbmaster

    I used to buy weed from bikers on the second floor and shrooms from the
    third. The luxury of a walk-in shroom dispensary was awesome, too bad they
    had to change shit

  • TheBrokeStoners

    Cool video!