Weed Card by Garfunkel and Oates (Official Video)

Riki “Garfunkel” Lindhome and Kate “Oates” Micucci sing about the perils of obtaining medical marijuana in California. Featuring David Koechner. Directed by …

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Kate and Riki sing about the benefits of obtaining a medical marijuana license.


  • Drew Grow

    Weed is a cure all . I even think it could bring the dead back to life. I
    just dont know how to make them smoke it LOL

  • RomCom ArtBot

    weed is a depressant

  • Grammar Nazi Party

    What is that angelic vibration in her voice where the “A” goes up and
    down? I need to know so that I can find more music like this!

  • Jose Mendez

    Are these two ever gonna be funny??? They’re supposed to be a comedy
    duo…wheres the comedy???

  • Franz Kafka

    These are the crazy anal sex girls! The little one who look like small
    woodland creature is hard to look at…her eyes go in different directions
    I think. They are trying to make a youtube career with sappy novelty songs.
    The world is burning and now we have this.

  • HighGTurn6

    I feel like people alot of people are just looking for excuses and faking
    illnesses to smoke weed.

  • Mixalhs Bisias

    i just relised that the black haired one looks like austin powers

  • al kid jr
  • SuperGeoBabyy

    that asian guy from buzzfeed <3

  • EdD5

    The worst part of G&O is deciding who’s more adorable.

  • BuddyJesusSmokes

    I just woke up from a pot nap with this song on repeat, an empty bag of
    cheetos and an orange dick.

  • Christian Gruber

    Happy 4/20 folks. 

  • Ronald Stuart

    I think Oates is really adorable

  • levi voils

    everyone knows marijuana is dangerous? “Vapor Genie Suicide”

  • Chase Benie G

    Wish i could listen to this but sadly it’s not available for Canadians. I
    bet it’s pretty dope hehe but fuck Canadians, bunch of Passive Aggressive
    toque wearing stoners. 

  • IFC

    Kate and Riki sing about the benefits of obtaining a medical marijuana