Watch 2 Girls Review Marijuana Strains From H.M.C Herbal Meds Collective

Thank you for watching 420Nurses 5 Star Review on Marijuana Strains Watch 2 Girls Review Marijuana Strains From H.M.C Herbal Meds Collective – FIND HMC on 42…
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  • Diamond Mind

    Hahah why did I chuckle watching this… Right after they take their first
    toke they look all sexy like hahah. :P

  • New World Organics

    The girl on the right is hot, and clean your glass!!! You want to drink out
    a nasty ass glass so dont smoke out a nasty ass water pipe

  • Lofty Muses

    Probably feminists, yet at the same time use their sexuality to get views.

  • MR90301

    dayum i need a connect in the L.A area let me know

  • Julian Armenta

    Why the fuck is the water so dark
    Is that chocolate milk? O.o

  • Ahilleas Tsavalos

    Nurses with bikinis, yea lol

  • crazboy21

    Love the 420 nurses shout put from houston

  • Matt Evans

    CLEAN YOUR BONGS!!!!!!!!!

  • cory hurd

    Not trying to hate or anything like but this isn’t much of a review..
    you’re listing basic smell and traits but not giving enough back round info
    on the product in my opinion LOVELY ladies but if this show had the
    knowledge of their medicine like TheCCC420 I could see your channel being

  • Joshua Hymans

    Dirty ass bong water

  • juscallme m

    wow after reading some of your guys comments…. fucking haters!! there are
    two cool, hot chicks smoking some weed and just having a good time..whats
    wrong with that? who gives a shit if they are realy nurses or not?!?!?
    hahah why must there always be some fucking haters??? fuck you

  • MrPyroProcs

    I think I do have to agree with a lot of the negative comments here. While
    I think you have good intentions but the way you’re coming across isn’t the
    image that strong advocates want associated with the Medicinal Marijuana
    movements. You all do have talent though and should maybe just look at a
    different angle, I think you’ll gain more respect that way too. Whatever my
    2 cents is worth…..

  • MrElkslayer7

    That was pretty damn hot!!! Who and the hell would be looking at dirty
    Nurse ! Nurse! I need my pipe cleaned.LOL

  • efatnas12

    get real, this is the kinda shit that gives medical pot a bad name. this
    isnt a medical review, these are two women talking about how stoned they
    are. you arent “nurses”, youre advertisers.

  • Caden Babb

    I saw that wink you sneeky snake