Washington voters should reject the rush to legalize pot

Washington voters should reject the rush to legalize pot
The district's law decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana went into effect only in July, but already voters are being asked to take the even more far-reaching step of legalizing the drug. We supported the elimination of harsh criminal penalties …
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Is smoking weed less harmful for teens than drinking? New study finds answers
Parents often lecture their teens about the harmful consequences that can lead from drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana. But a new study found that teens who smoke weed have a different set of harmful effects than those who drink. Researchers from …
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If you think Big Tobacco was bad, wait till you get a whiff of Big Marijuana
For example, with much fanfare, and alongside the ex-president of Mexico, Vicente Fox, former head of Microsoft corporate strategy James Shivley announced this year that he was creating “the Starbucks of marijuana.” His plan? To buy up marijuana stores …
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