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Brief overview of all videos that are part of the Be Smart. Be Well.TM Mental Health playlist. Experts discuss factors that contribute to one’s mental health…
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  • NoOneLikesGoogleFuckingPlus

    She always talks about health and diet. But she obviously has more fat on
    her than a truly healthy person.

  • Ashley Fletcher

    I take 2000iu a day of vitamin D because my levels were ‘borderline’ low.
    It has only been two weeks so far but I am curious if I should raise it to
    3000iu a day and see if that is a better dose

  • kim scudiero

    They discovered that baby cremini mushrooms have tons 0f vit D and others
    too…I aslo use one capsule of mushroom D 1500 IU my score is 33

  • chandal09

    I am always depressed, regardless of the season. I (still) lack important
    things in life and I am under constant pressure/stress due to several
    factors I have no power over. I feel helpless but never give up, deep down
    I am full of hope for a change in my life. I do my best for my wellness but
    it does not help (neither mentally nor physically, I have somehow
    somatized). Can vitamin D help me in any case? I don’t want to take
    supplements at random but I feel like trying (or maybe I should consult
    someone before..?). 

  • mosaicinmotion

    my 16 year young daughter had a nervous breakdown 3 weeks ago….requested
    Doc to do comprehensive blood work which showed her severely deficient in
    D…13.3 she’s had vacillating periods of tiredness too. she prescribed
    50,000, twice per week for 2 months. After the 3rd capsule, She reacted to
    this with severe headache, bone and chest pains so i switched her to over
    the counter D3 ~ same weekly dosage given 12,000 per day and no more pains.
    Maybe the extreme high dose of D2 was too much a shock. At three weeks,
    she still has periods of extreme lethargy and doesn’t feel right. I’ve
    been heavily researching D and found that vitamin K2 is an important
    cofactor that helps direct where the cal-mag- and D go…to the bones and
    teeth as opposed to soft tissue like the arteries. Now I am giving her a
    D3/K2 combo of 5000 iu/850mcg plus another 5000iu as D3 drops and fish oil.
    We shall see….

  • MB031

    Nice talk..Yes the vitamin D3 works !! Beware of supplements,because they
    are processed food !!! Expose daily responsibly to sunlight during solar
    noon and you will see the huge difference in the way you feel. 25 OH
    hydroxy test will tell you where you are…Remember,we are part of
    universal energy,not part of synthetic supplements !

  • greekgirl209

    Throw away the sunscreen!

  • Frank Berry From Upstate NY

    Honey….we all know you have a cute body,….legs, ta’s and etc…If you
    want to be taken more seriously….wear some clothing…you can play later.

  • basant sukhani

    During routine check up,it was detected that I was vit. D deficient,Senior
    Physicians prescribed Vit. D,supplement and i felt better after that taking
    vit D.In India there is sufficient Sun shine but people in cities are
    suffering from vit D deficiency.This video talk is very helpful.Thanks to
    you all.

  • Eric Gonzalez

    I take 500 units of vitamin d supplement a day My levels are 13. What is
    the right units I should be taking. Should I add more? What’s the right

  • dimplez0809

    Of course, this is something I’ve actually been told by my OBGYN to take D3
    as I’ve often explained my moody behavior. I live in the northern
    hemisphere of America and I am also of African decent. So therefore I lack
    sunlight. Especially in the winter. D3 helps tremendously with my health
    and mood. I will say I maintain a one direction, happy, mindset and feel.

  • johnny TheTerminator

    you need to get the real vitamin D from the sun and not wear chemical sun
    screen . I have doubts about synthetic Vitamin d which is made from sheep
    wool .I don’t use man made synthetic vitamins they kill your liver and
    kidneys; eat raw organic food .
    only the vitamin D from the sun can heal . man made vitamins are another
    scam like big pharma .Your body isn’t meant to absorb vitamin D through
    the GI tract. No where in nature does vitamin D exist in food and it isn’t
    naturally found in breast milk, so why is it added to milk(don’t respond to
    me answering that, it’s rhetorical)? Your body makes it naturally when
    your skin is exposed to the sun. Nature makes everything perfectly, so
    when you add some unbioavailable, synthetic shit into your food supply,
    it’s nothing close to the real thing. Man made synthetic Vitamin d which
    is made from sheep wool and and tar from petro oil .

    I don’t eat Wheat , dairy or restaurant food ;I follow Dr. Caldwell
    Esselstyn, MD diet and the China study book by T. Colin Campbell ; I eat
    an organic plant base diet and no dairy , no coffee,. No meat .. ;
    people are lazy to cook and eat process foods and garbage ! You want real
    vitamin D move to the Ecuador ! Don’t use sunscreen and don’t stay longer
    than 30 minutes direct in the sun .

  • Eric Gonzalez

    My vitamin d is 13. I’m underweight and was wondering if vitamin d
    deficiency could be a tie with me not gaining any weight? Any connections

  • Hamilton Center, Inc.

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