Visiting The Local MMJ Club – Marijuana Dispensary in California 2011

Visiting The Local MMJ Club - Marijuana Dispensary in California 2011

went by my new favorite local club … they always got the best i can find after going to like literally 20 clubs in my area.. they got best.., and they cap …
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  • hoffaods

    @InlandGreen damn you lucky fucker you lol…..i shall be thy neighbor one
    day lol

  • InandGreen

    @PHUKLUVV lol… u know whats up. whats up local homie

  • hoffaods

    how much for that whole jar ?

  • Christian Rosas

    Dammm bro i wish i had all tht bud haha u got sum good shit bro n really
    good video

  • ctopslegaltube

    What is the medical prerequisite for treatment in CA. ?, I have chronic
    anxiety and have been treating it with Xanax 6 MG per day and our state
    health is trying to make primary and rehab doctors stop prescribing Xanax,
    they call this state the “pill mill capital” they hate pot, gays, and any
    progressive movements. I understand doctors in other states as mine can
    right a letter directed to doctors in CA. stating pot would be alternative
    to Xanax and you can get CA. RX’s via mail is this true ?

  • InandGreen

    @ctopslegaltube You need to be a Calif resident , with a CA drivers license
    to recieve a MMJ recomendation in this state. But i could always be wrong.
    I suggest googling a CA MMJ evaluation center and ask them that question.
    Peace friend. Get OFF those damn pills buddy–

  • InandGreen

    @420CanadianToker i suffer from needing marijuana..

  • beastx5323

    good vid

  • InandGreen

    @Jestterx wtf?

  • InandGreen

    @hoffaods the big jar probally had a half oz of GreenCrack in it… bout
    $75-$100 And the small jar of Ie.Og had bout an 1/8th in it…, bout $35