True History of Marijuana Full Movie

True History of Marijuana Full Movie

Cannabis has an incredible number of uses:- Industrial Textiles Consumer Textiles Paper Building Materials Foods Biofuel The biofuel could pose a serious thr…
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  • Ron van der Horst

    This is the one to watch. Embodies the big picture, fractals and all

  • Colton Drake

    If anyone wants to know where Anslinger’s grave is, it’s in Holidaysburg
    presbyterian cemerty, Holidaysburg Pennsylvania, plot: Sec. C, lot 320 I
    think you all know what to do!

  • martin carroll

    Do you think it would be possible to bring a class action lawsuit against
    the companies and retrospective government of the time? Any international
    lawyers here? I think about $700 trillion should about settle the cost and
    harm that they’ve caused the entire WORLD.

  • Rochelle Yospe

    They say it right here in the film, “the miracle plant”, but chemical
    companies blocked it out from legalization due to greed.

  • Gord Birch

    I am 34:00 into this 1:17 long Documentary – what a great share from +deus
    ex machina

    I thought I had the history down pat, but not quite – I learned a few new
    things so far

  • BeyondDestiny

    15:00 those are rollers for joints/tobacco not massage

  • Jonas Dubaere

    great doc, everyone should watch this!

  • Patty Kaspi

    I found the pros about Cannabis to be impressive; however, demonizing those
    people who opposed it’s commercialism is unnecessary. I wager there is not
    one person who opposed an idea to later discover it wasn’t so bad after
    all. The argument is proving it’s intrinsic value rather than insulting
    opposers. It seems to me this film became a forum to bash early industrial
    giants. I suggest that the writer(s) edit this work, make it a persuasive
    argument by validating the cultivation of cannabis as a valuable material
    for durable cloth, paper & medicine.
    Here’s a link on how to compose a reasonable argument 

  • Jim Tilley

    I have used Marijuana many years ago (30+), and actually smoked a good deal
    of it, and loved what it did to me! I was very self-conscious when
    younger, and began to smoke marijuana at 18, and smoked it from 18 to
    25.years of age, finding that with marijuana use, I was very social, far
    less self-conscious, and eventually grew out of the seeming problem long
    before 25.

    I have seen a program which speaks to smoking marijuana before the age of
    13 as I recall, and seems this can cause schizophrenia on a minority amount
    of these very young users. I used to smoke tobacco as well in the days
    between 18 and 25, and found that when smoking very strong marijuana, I
    coughed a few lungs out over the 20s years, and of course hashish with
    hot-knives and those very harsh methods of smoking drugs containing THC.
    And so I stopped smoking these drugs for spiritual mostly, and then, legal
    reasons. I have very bad osteoarthritis which has haunted me from the
    early 50s until today, and I remember going through such awful pain 10
    years ago, I purchased illegal pot, and for the first time in a over a
    decade I found that smoking pot did indeed make a great difference to my
    pain over a period of maybe a month, only smoking it when pain meds
    containing codeine would not even dull the problem. I would assume,
    drinking or eating the marijuana would be a better way of using the
    product, and would readily agree although I have not had such grievous
    arthritic pain since that last time a decade or so ago, when I used it. I
    would use again, preferable legally, if my pain did increase to the point
    it had arrived at a decade ago. During that time, I purchased a quarter
    ounce of the weed, at one time, and that amount which would not have lasted
    for a few cups of coffee 30+ years ago, but when I used only when I felt I
    needed it, that quarter ounce lasted a month and a half! 

  • vikiandmarcin

    It is a pity that I still give fooled on this propaganda. Everywhere I hear
    to legalize “marijuana”, coffeeshops ect .. you are wrong people. Knowing
    the real reasons for banning, know the real threat of marijuana.
    Marijuana is a term of propaganda on cannabis (HEMP).
    Cannabis is an excellent and ultra-clean natural product, which destroys
    the monopoly of large toxic corporations (paper, construction, oils, fuels,
    textiles, medicine …) and that’s all you can create at home, using simple
    STOP fight for the legalization of “marijuana” and force the policymakers
    begin placing Cannabis cultivation, manufacturing and industry as a
    ECOLOGICAL alternative!

    Save the trees in Amazon cultivation HEMP in your state!
    Save the earth using HEMP oil for our cars. (upholstery, body, finishes,
    HEMP at home as food and medicine and not necessarily as a drug! – you have
    hundreds of plants, flowers, around the house which can be potent
    narcotics and psychoactive substances.

    HEMP = truth!
    Marijuana = stinky propaganda!

    Stop cooperate with propagandist.

    Let them keep the illegality of something that does not exist. And if there
    is let them prove it.

  • jennifer snow

    synthetic marijuana is altered in a way to make it potentially dangerous
    and has claimed lives, unlike nature’s best – man does not excel nature -

  • Yaniv peretz

    True History of Marijuana Full Movie‏:

  • Carlos Branch

    True History of Marijuana Full Movie:

  • Evelyn Cornwell

    What the actual fuck? This infuriates me. Good for LaGuardia. No wonder you
    guys want to shit and piss on that Aslinger’s grave. Ugh. What an injustice
    to human life. Fuck them.I don’t smoke it ,but God this is bull shit to do.
    It makes me sick. 

  • Olmeca Rich

    Great Documentary! The more Support The Better! End ALL
    Prohibition……Heal the planet with HEMP!! Message me for CBD-Rich Hemp
    Oil Products for everyday USE! Feed your Endocannabinoid System……

  • rancox265

    Smoking ANYTHING – inhaling smoke into your lungs is damaging. This is my
    only concern with Marijuana. Otherwise, I fully support the medicinal use
    of this plant. It’s amazing how much brainwashing was involved for the
    sake of the almighty dollar in the corporate world.

  • Jarron Stafford

    420 4ever baby :D

  • MrFreddiew1

    Further to my previous comment…Considering that Hemp has been with us as
    long as or longer than we have been on the planet, and considering the
    healing properties of the Cannabinoid(THC) and Cannabidiol(CBD)
    elements..would it not be reasonable to assume that the Hemp plant should
    be part of our staple diet? it would seem to me that we humans could only
    benefit from it. Our ancestors obviously consumed it in many ways. Modern
    society is missing a natural part of a healthy diet, just as we need
    proteins and carbohydrates.

  • Steve Donovan

    Why are Nixon’s laws still in place..?????? He’s a lyer and a thief!!!!

  • Dolores McCloskey

    Everyone needs to grow high THC Indica plants and make their own medicine
    and not use the over priced synthetic drugs. It is not the fault of the
    doctors because they will be criminalised if they agree to prescribe
    cannabis/hemp oil, but the drug cartels are the criminals for sure.

  • naomi masters


  • Johnfrancis Woods

    FINALLY!!!! The Truth is revealed. 80yrs of lies. Legalize it
    everywhere,heal the world.