Trimming And Drying part 1

How to Slow-Dry Cannabis.
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  • Charlie Hustle

    All I want is ONE of those drying racks worth of bud. I would be a happy man

  • h82bu223

    try remos bud and hash on my bucket list

  • mcmuffinmold

    Its like making wine but better lol xD

  • dancsiga

    Not really smokeable but from the smaller leaves you can make bubble hash
    or extract.

  • Cretan Gun

    i can do it for free 😀

  • phillis blunt

    u get fatter buds then alot of the people on the tube u know ur stuff fat
    nugs ur the man

  • aguschar

    you so fast

  • Ivan Zagorac

    Are those all seed plants or clones?

  • campione996

    good work man!

  • j HUssAIN

    where can i buy that trimming machine from ?

  • Atl Md

    not really.. if you work at a steady pace imagine how much bud you can trim
    in an hour.. trust me an hour of straight trimming is a beautiful thing but
    its not joke.

  • Oliver Way

    Imagine how beautiful that would smell… Go, now, imagine it…

  • gabs3ification

    hahahaa laughed so hard 🙂

  • stevie west gamble

    fuck mean

  • MrReds4eva

    So….Beautiful :’)

  • Ant1Bez

    why is this not legal in my country? 🙁

  • John Vela

    OMG!!! I could be 1 of the testers 🙂 lol i would love 2 smoke & work 🙂 i
    dont wanna work if i have 2 quit smoking weed 🙁 it makes me happy & helps
    me with my problems 🙂

  • Jake From Statefarm

    i can buy that same thing as the quick cure thing at ikea for $5

  • Suck my Troy

    I would seriously give my left nut (that’s my favorite nut) for your job.

  • Sunny Valentine

    i wish that was my job… 🙁

  • res1492

    can i smoke your scissors?

  • tyler spriggs


  • Cooper Pontier

    Medicinal weed hahah for glaucoma and shit.

  • richard smithy

    more hash for the tash !!!!!

  • fernando ferrandini

    i wish i had one of this “circles” in the drying room , just one.

  • Darude Sandstorm

    Hey, there is my problem. I harvested my plant, a day ago, cut it in pieces
    and hang it in the cardboard box opened on the top and the side in my
    bathroom. I also have the fan blowing (not directly on the buds) and a
    small fan blowing out of the bathroom.
    But the problem is… In 5 days Im going somewhere for 3 days and I will
    have no control on the buds. So they will be drying for 5 days but what
    should I do that they will be ok for 3 days…I think that 8 days is too
    much right?, if I put them it The jar the mold with develop…Should i put
    them in paper bags and punch some holes in? and then leave it for 3 days? I
    don’t know… You are the expert, please help…Thank’s :)

  • James Scales

    Nice video – good info for a beginner like me!

  • Larry Cosentino

    hi. i have harvested my plants. I let them hang for about 5 days. i have
    had it in a jar for a good 2 weeks with burping off and on all day. the
    bud looks great but it still stinks like grass. lol i say cat pee. this
    is a medical sativa. when the plants are growing they smell wondeful?????
    how long before it smells like good smoke?

  • Eye of Horus

    How much light do I want for drying area?

  • ArmyVtrN

    send me one seed and ill subscribe

  • Evan Dickens

    dude, you sound like seth rogan lol

  • louis mahan

    Can u help me

  • fernando gonzalez

    Is 3 day okay for a small batch to start the process of curing 

  • Shampayne Thompson

    How do u make them dense? Like rock hard

  • twista locc

    oh!! ok cool thanks for the info bro and great job keep up the great work:)

  • Drew Grow

    I notice a good aroma in about 5-7 days in a sealed jar.To my nose develops
    completely around 2 weeks.But I know that some people like to Cure for
    several weeks. But personal preference varies with everything in Medical
    Marijuana production.

  • Green Leaves StickyFlowers

    I dry for 7 and have no problems with mold, keeping temp high 60’s . Great
    vid bro tx

  • Drew Grow

    I have been subscribed to your channel for a while now 🙂 , LOL

  • peenutbudder3

    How long do you prefer to cure for ?