Time Bomb Weed Bowl Marijuana Tips and Tricks with Bogart #27

In this episode of Marijuana Tips and Tricks with Bogart learn to make a Smoke Bomb or Time Bomb Weed Bowl using BHO concentrates and cannabis flowers. Subsc…
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Grinding Another Bowl of Medical Marijuana

After a hilarious catastrophe we smoked again. We use a grinder because we like that it burns well after being chopped up. Otherwise it’s like smoking a join…


  • wobbly868

    Couldn’t handle this. Would fucking kill me…..

  • EH CBunny

    I’m sure the nerds at NSA just placed Bogart on their homeland terrorist
    list because he made a time bomb on the internet.

  • Raiden G

    Why do ppl smoke. Shit gets you all anxious and paranoid

  • SmokeumPeacepipe

    i like how matt showed up just in time to smoke that bowl haha. he was
    looking so excited.

  • RuffHouse Studios

    In this episode of Marijuana Tips and Tricks with Bogart learn to make a
    Smoke Bomb or Time Bomb Weed Bowl using BHO concentrates and cannabis

  • Stan Doss

    Seems like a waste of good weed

  • Kiavosh Hedayat

    Damn that bowl looks perfect. Wish I could smoke that with you guys. Been
    subbed for a while now, love the vape reviews! I got a PAX after seeing
    your video. 

  • Jimmy Turner

    1:39 ::3 weeks later:; Hey look I found a roach. 

  • Hairless Sasquatch

    The very first second of this video is the single funniest thing. This guy
    is so baked and I love it.

  • sour banana21

    lol. made this while you were giving instructions. cant wait to smoke it
    with my buddy.

  • Oscar Argueta

    Omg this is fucking genius. Im baked. !!!!

  • Corwin Hubbard

    Long toke he took

  • Stuart David

    This seems like a ton of fun! can’t wait to try. I am gonna need 4-5 people

  • FollowTheSunDown

    whys it sound like a casino in this vid lol

  • evak son.

    Nice! Definitely ganna try that one day

  • Clash of Clans

    will try it for sure, nice videos
    u r the best on youtube

  • ryryistheshit420

    nigga in the green is high as fuck lol

  • Jordan Reyes

    3:59 dude on the right wanted us to see what he was drinkin lol

  • Robert Taylor

    I get a ASMR feeling from these vids


    Cheers from Illinois, I hope it gets legalized soon, but I doubt it 🙁 

  • OfficialDieselBeats

    Hahahahahahahha! “Have a good day guys.” “Puberty” Lmao! 

  • JaCody Smith

    have you two pussies worked out your problems yet?

  • Rio Sone

    You ever try the coil attachment that you can freeze?

  • Fa’a Samoa

    Fuccin up der billy

  • Damon Dhanoa

    Dan is sucha clumsy fuck. he always breaks shit and/or drops weed etc.
    fucking kerm

  • Brandon Mccann

    How’s it going from Washington state weeds good here

  • Jack Wanden

    what up. im from sydney in australia. i like carpet

    and weed

  • Joshua Hardison

    can anyone tell me what strain that is?

  • Ryan Kao

    Hows it goin from Oregon! Smokin some great bud up here in the northwest!

  • 420kideveryday

    U said god damn it and u dont believe in him

  • lamar campbell

    im from dover delaware an i just wanna know whats the price range from for
    medical marijuana

  • iMiniMonster2000

    Wats up from new Jersey. Hope it gets legalized here soon

  • iMiniMonster2000

    Guys guys guys…smoking is not a contest. It doesn’t matter how big of a
    rip it is. When you milk it up to much the smoke just gets stale and it
    tastes gross and you choke yourself out. I don’t recommend trying to take
    the whole bowl in one hit unless you want to die of coughing haha

  • Joe Sanchez

    when im baked i love watching this

  • Kenny Tran

    You guys are so chill (x

  • MrBigEBoi

    What’s up? I’m from western Massachusetts and I want some weed but I don’t
    know any dealers in my neighborhood. Can you guys (R3DBAND) help me?

  • Tom McEvoy

    diggin the 4:20 shoutout ha

  • Jinju Kim

    Hey:) 16 from california, hella had the most hits:)

  • Gareth Galloway

    Do a video on marijuana prices in Colorado!!