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Be My Friend – The Truth about Mental Disorders. Dr. John Breeding, Ph.D. psychologist discusses how mental disorders are c…

Psychology Test – Are you Troubled? The Truth about Mental Disorders and What is Normal? Dr. Breeding, Ph.D. psychologist discusses the concept of normal, th…
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  • mshara1

    Warning. This video contains Scientology claptrap. Proceed with caution.

  • 92359hg

    The first step in the curing of mental illness – stop calling it an illness

  • Annette R Dutton

    Unbelievable explanation of Mental Health disorders labeled in many ways
    and why !! 

  • mendalz

    it’s very easy to be critical of the past, but you can’t compare what we
    have in the 21st century to the superstitious pseudoscience that pervaded
    society in previous generations.
    are you trying to say that these disorders are not real? or that they’re
    made up to control people?
    what about things like suicide? humans are built with survival mechanisms
    (eg: fight or flight). yet there are about 40000 suicides a year in your
    country. you’e telling me that’s made up to control people? that’s just
    normal feelings we should accept?
    i’ve also worked in the mental health field. this is insulting to those
    with real mental illnesses. 

  • Allen Wallace

    I’m in invole in the mental health where people get treated like a bunch of
    children… claims they are helping people….but in reality they are
    making money off the insurance company and instintgate non controling
    minded people to disturb the peace among other people…..and ask us
    aftermath how is your day going?

  • pete garssia

    Wow! An eye opener for me. I suspected this was fraud but I couldn’t put my
    finger on it we’ve built an entire infrastructure around healing feelings.
    What then of those who have true mental illness? Is this the best we’ve

  • Robert Smith

    It’s depressing how most people do not realize that ADHD meds in reality
    are usually (meth)amphetamines. This is why I am gladly showing you my
    quick video about the treatment of ADHD at the core with a clinically
    validated program.

    My young boys attention seriously got better by only training the
    functioning memory, therefore I believe it will be helpful to you and many

    All the very best,
    Robert Smith

  • D.Salt1

    @jaco0bx Hi, i invite you to visit CCHR stands for Citizens
    Commission on Human Rights, it is a group who campaigns psychiatrists and
    their damaging “treatments” and “diagnosis” of peoples problems. While i am
    sure you are having trouble that you could find some help for, i would
    advice psychiatry is not the avenue for you. I would also say that
    schizophrenia is mislabeled a lot. You should get more info from CCHR and
    find a more effective solution.

  • smallpotatoes989

    you are shizophrenic. I can tell becouse you can not put full sentences

  • zathath

    It is a Jehovah Witness prophecy that those who keep “peace and security”
    will be destroyed. It is all wasted human effort. The destruction is
    coming, that you want it, or not. Man shall not achieve peace and security
    by his own hands.

  • Pharaoh Prince

    I should become a PSYCH DOC. I bet I know more about this than most people
    in usa. Most people blame anger and say you need to see a psych doc. HAHA
    guess again. Then people blame you for being DELERIOUS for “SEEING” stuff
    that shouldnt be talked about because “HIGHER UP” wont come pick you up
    from this shit hold society you live in. Like I said, I have no problem

  • Sir Lanthros

    Doing as you are told is what these individuals need. Remember, those who
    suffer from mental condition are without control. Therefore it is proper
    for a psychiatrist to lead the individual back to a developed path. The
    psychiatris is a helper leading the person back to good health.

  • MsAgnosticatheist

    Many of the mental illnesses in the DSM are real because people actually
    experience the symptoms. Many people diagnosed with them however have been
    misdiagnosed. I find the DSM to just be a book of different forms and types
    behavior & personalities classified as ‘bad’. However, the meds used to
    ‘treat’ them often don’t work and/or cause more side effects than good. If
    you are depressed and suicidal you want to feel better, you don’t want to
    take a med that will make you feel more suicidal though

  • inadreambuzz33

    @Priotrtheprimate. To say that the evolution of mental illness is without
    societal influence is idiotic in itself.

  • JenkleJ

    If you believe that maybe you need a psychiatrist! BTW psychiatrist are not
    how they are portrayed on T.V They really do not give a shit about the
    client as they are referred to. All they want is an easy life and a fat
    paycheck at the end of the month most staff are highly condescending,
    abusive or not particularly interested in helping the people they are paid
    to help. Other than filling a person full of drugs which a monkey or any
    other drug pedlar could do.

  • smallpotatoes989

    belive it or not the shape of your body can determinate your psyche and not
    only that your eyes, your face shape. I can spot a psychopath just by
    looking at him

  • CliveGains80s

    @MellyJuffin has anyone bothered listen to what your saying or you just got
    the mental ill criteria? you must have some powerful demonic forces againts
    you and symbolically ‘burning witch’ etc all make sense. I am aware there
    some good out there. But I hope you watch MARKETING OF MADNESS or other
    truth so you can re-evaluate even using the fraud term “mental illness”.
    proof drugs just repackage. scamble you brain, dont fix anything, just to
    shut you up. Anyway, RON PAUL 2012. ALEX JONES No.1!

  • tictoc544

    Hi John.Much as i respect your love for humanity,i am concerned that your
    view downplays the negative effects of anger on the mind.I agree that bad
    things happen,there is injustice and evil.however expressing anger is not
    always the best solution.Many things r outside our individual control to
    change,and these things we have to accept to some degree JMO

  • Clarisa Johansson

    So what is a medical issue if not normative ones? Your not touching nothing
    here. If you would speak about fucked up norms, it would make sense.

  • smallpotatoes989

    great point man

  • hollyzone

    Another great vid. Thanks Dr. Breeding. Yah good old John Trudell. I keep
    one of his affirmations on my page. Have a nice weekend.

  • JAMamation

    Shut the fuck up, Ross. Spread your deluded church crap somewhere else.

  • DynaCatlovesme

    All well and good, but some people are just plain crazy.

  • bananasofcourse

    Is masturbation a sin?

  • Corey Wiley

    @Eliminator293 [cont] “chances are..a person has problems with others
    because they offend “.This is one possibility of many why one may have
    difficulty with others,if it the reason or part of it, what is or isn’t
    offensive is often subjective & a topic of debate & does not warrant
    discrimination or antagonism “never tell anyone they are wrong”- We all
    have a right to articulate our view, to discourage people from being able
    to disagree is repressive.

  • Marci Turner

    Jesus was not the creator. God was the creator. Jesus is God’s son. Read
    Genesis 1. Jesus was born in the New Testament. After God created the
    universe and everything in the universe. God got angry, but God still loves

  • Corey Wiley

    Im often troubled & I get thrown from a point of equilibrium easily, I
    don’t like discussing it in too much depth openly- all though I have gone
    in depth in the past- the reason is that people don’t understand & they
    label you, or dismiss the problems, or do everything that you are saying
    here (too negative,big ego, your angry etc.) If I’m well rested, in safe
    low stress environment where I have what I need to eat
    well,sleep,exercise,practice,study,self express I can keep myself centered-

  • ffatali

    yes , going throught life chalanges and growing isnt easy, we get stuck,
    seek for help get diagnosed take meds usually, there is a way out witch is
    a life long 😀 ; I have never thought im an angry person i was practising:
    “we all are one” ,” love your neigbhour as thyself” “be positive and atract
    positive” ect. Very tricky I cant fly before I can learn how to
    walk!Resentments were holding me back paralysed and it transformed into
    other bad things, like paranoia, anxiety, same sex love

  • rclark23

    Corporate hegemony is the dry rot of American civilization and the Monsanto
    Company is a prime example of extreme corporate hegemony. If the people of
    this country are really stupid enough to allow a bully, toxic chemical
    company to genetically morph the world’s seed supply, then we all deserve
    the consequences. We grow our own food – I suggest everyone reading this do
    the same, unless you believe your body will mutate into one that can safely
    consume and digest Monsanto’s “creations”.

  • cyberpsygen7

    the higher your IQ the more you understand the world. the more you
    understand the world, the more you realize how hard you are getting fucked
    by it, and how you can never make a difference in the scheme of things.
    feeling angry or depressed about things that are wrong with the world is a
    red flag to the people fighting for eternal status quo, so they poison you
    with drugs that make you more likely to kill yourself, lower your IQ, and
    render you unable to reproduce.

  • Marci Turner

    Yes. It’s a sexual immorality. Lust is a sin. Lust means: The sinful desire
    for illicit sex. It gives birth to sin which leads to death. Any sexual
    involvement outside of marriage dishonors God, one’s marriage partner or
    future spouse, and even one’s own body. 1 Thess. 4: 3-5. Matt. 5:28. Rom.
    13:13. James 1:14,15. 1 Pet. 4:3. I copied the scriptures highlights. Sex
    within marriage is viewed as a good gift from God to be enjoyed and
    celebrated by both husband and wife. Prov. 5:15-20. Heb. 13:4.

  • stratocaster539

    @roell29 Oh yes I’m in full agreement.Trouble is,that bipolar can easily
    lead to cronic dibilitating depression if it is not aknowledged in an
    individual, and that sort of depression is compounded by the breakdown of
    the physical processes within the brain.Purely and simply a clynical
    condition.To suggest that this should remain untreated when it clearly
    needs treatment is something I would expect from a scientologist. Correct
    medication is an essential ‘platform’ for an individual to recover.

  • productionlineproductions2013


  • nintram

    Nice. Now: How does one effectively defend themself against psychiatry?

  • geppegep

    @cyberpsygen7 its your life, your envirement and the whole package that
    makes you look the way you look at the world, ppl are allways able to be
    happy and ppl arent supposed to have all that information and suck in all
    the negativity in the world

  • Robert Elliot

    @stratocaster539 Maybe people who experience extreme highs and lows serve a
    purpose to society. I would suppose that such people have always existed,
    but have only recently been labeled with a psychiatric disorder. Before
    that they were probably regarded as eccentric or a bit touched – and some
    great geniuses have probably achieved while in a manic phase, filled with
    extreme self-confidence and “grandiosity”. After all, it’s only grandiose
    if you don’t finally manage to do something “grand”.

  • Clint Walker

    A test!! I didn’t study, what if I flunk?

  • ViciousDave4Life

    @cyberpsygen7 I am angry at the world because I fully understand what the
    system is of our society and how fucked up it really is. Working, family,
    social interaction, I fucking am sick of it, why can’t I have true freedom?
    So what I’m an introvert, doesn’t mean I have a mental illness, I fake
    being polite every single day, I can control my mental mind, even though
    deep under I’m pissed off at this world, I still stay under control in
    public because being angry is unacceptable.

  • Marci Turner

    psychiatrists’ thinks they know everything and are making up retarded
    diagnoses just to drug you up and control you in how you think and act. My
    psychiatrist diagnosed me with mean diagnoses because I got angry in a
    meeting with the psychiatrist in it. They are all fucked up in the head.
    Not us who has the right to get angry and depressed. We have feelings and
    have the right to show it.

  • KezoZydis

    @clintonearlwalker Don’t worry. They have meds for that.

  • Melwoom

    yeah .. good stuff…