The Truth About Marijuana – Why I Quit Smoking Weed

The Truth About Marijuana - Why I Quit Smoking Weed

The Truth About Marijuana – Why I quit Smoking Weed (Each Part 30 minutes) (ALL 3 PARTS) 90 MINUTE MP3 AUDIO The Truth About Ma…
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How To Stop Smoking Weed

How To Stop Smoking Weed. If you are trying to quit smoking marijuana then you should watch this free video at If you have been trying to quit smoking weed…


  • faiden stevens

    Weed Is for ignorant people that wanna ruin there life!

  • vipmd

    Dude its all in your mind. Dope is dope because it makes you dopey. Not
    because its possessed by evil. There’s a time and a place for everything.
    If you can’t live a normal life and control yourself then you have an
    addictive personality and possibly some issues with depression and regrets.
    Ever hear the saying SHIT OR GET OFF THE POT!? I want it just as much as i
    want pussy. And it ruins sex if you’re use to having it while stoned. But
    as religious as this dude thinks he is… he prolly don’t know. Assalomi
    bacon, bruddah.

  • BaLLsWoRthMCgOoGlYsAcK

    bruh u are so retarded. take ur gay ass video and go smoke a blunt. nigger

  • David Sipho

    weed isnt for all ! dont smoke if you cant handle it truth is weed cures

  • Solo Emb

    Bro I have been smoking weed for more than 10years and I dont have any
    problem so if you smoked some dirty bush staples telling ppl that weed is
    bad for you 

  • chris mcgrath

    Your dealer most be giving you crack, you have not smoked weed for 7years
    because you would not have that view, you’re just not worth me proving you

  • Ricardo Ramirez

    Yea sure you weren’t high ;)

  • smiley_k

    All the people saying God created weed, please stop embarrassing yourself.
    Did God put the weed in a baggie and tell the weed man to sell it for 25
    dollars a sack?? NO I didn’t think so. Some people are just ignorant

  • paul khriz sabalo

    thats good. . u quit smoking pot. . because smoking cannabis is only for
    grown up/ mentally grown. and especially for positive thinking person only.

  • Joe Shmoe

    Wow!!! This information is as misleading as the movie, “Reefer Madness”.
    That movie started the publics dislike of weed✌️❤️

  • Ruben Enriquez

    Let me tell you something I meet lisbeans and gays and one thing I know
    there not good people because I got snitch on by one and second a gay
    teacher got mad for talking about weed in class. So what do you know lmao 

  • Ruben Enriquez

    Read my comment 

  • Ruben Enriquez

    Go tracts read my comment 

  • Solo Emb

    Bro your telling us about your Dreams are you sure it wasn’t you being

  • Ben Wilde

    Not sure I would put gays and lesbians in the same category as disease and
    illness. Totally agree with the message though!!

  • Ruben Enriquez

    Yo read my comment

  • S lunan

    wow thankyou! <3

  • mike carpio

    It’s all in the head guys I stopped for 2 yrs and went back and stopped
    again for another 2 yrs I do this from tkme to time … 

  • whenindoubtdo

    Why is it that every time someone says they want to stop smoking pot, that
    someone gets a flood of hate from potsmokers?!? Why do other potsmokers
    care so much? And why are they so emotionally invested in other people’s

    Is it a political thing or a cultural thing? I really don’t get it,
    especially considering you don’t see the same type of attitude in any other

  • Playboysmurf1

    I can’t sleep without it…
    But it makes it ridiculously hard to get up in the morning.
    And by the end of a day at work all I want is a bong hit.

  • KIU16

    Saul Goodman, is that you?

  • Eli Verduzco

    Its not addictive. People who feel bad without it smoke way to much. Its
    not like nicotine you can stop just do it.

  • Chuck Trevino

    Don’t have it around, if its in your house, you brought it there

  • andrew09211

    FUCK YOU, you using this topic yo get CPA leads,

    low class

  • Ohsnapzdawg

    Here is a novel idea, just fucking stop. Its not exactly crack people. 

  • Adam Middleton

    man I quit smoking for two months and I couldn’t do it anymore… I wasn’t
    happy I hated everything… it wasn’t even in my system… some of us need
    the shit

  • Ben York

    bruh I need a bowl to think about how to stop smoking

  • Kelbin .Deleon

    Dude most of us that smoke weed dont use crack or any hard drug. Your
    acting like we use crack and shit.

  • Johnny Hernandez

    I find the best way to stop smoking is by stop hanging out with the people
    that do or if your a loner stoner and you got a dealers number in your
    phone delete it and get a new number, and don’t try to remember the number
    you deleted then that won’t help at all

  • SuperDefD

    People are different so, everyone has different ways to go about quitting.

  • Brett Wilder

    my father and me never got along and he even tho he think he is isnt the
    greatest human being there is…he mostly would use mental abuse unless id
    get angry and talk back then it would sometimes get physical even now that
    im 19 almost 20 he still does it…i started smoking weed 2 years ago with
    friends and adventualy he invited me to smoke with him and now thats the
    only way we get along but he expects me to stay a pot head like him my
    whole life and i want to get out and get a job and hes not the kind of
    person you can talk to….im afraid to quit cuz then hed start treating me
    like shit again so idk what to do but im going into a university next year
    and i want to quit before then…i just dont know what to do in my case
    since i cant even get a job and pass a drug test

  • Johnny Hasslehoff

    this dude is talking nothing but the truth, the only people that cant see
    this are either very immature or just waste of space ignorant close minded
    drug addicts, after smoking for 7 years, one thing i learned about people
    that smoke weed is they are dicks, close minded, stuck in there ways, short
    tempered losers, who have no real drive or ambitions, just hopes and
    dreams. This is why I and many others came here, why are people even here
    if they arn’t dead serious about quitting weed?? they way I see it is… i
    and many others are better than weed, my life BAR is set so much higher
    than the life BAR of those who are content with a smoked up existence,
    because the maximum they can achieve is nothing on what i and many others
    could achieve in life without bud. 

  • lasse paavel

    weed is more healthy than cigs and alch… no one have died from it so stop
    bitching bitch you can not get any kind of dependnes if you smoke weed
    thats prove so shut up

  • immrnoidall

    replace the word marijuana with the name of any anti-depresant and suddenly
    this guy is a bad man.gee why is that?

  • 0XxGillxX0

    Its a psychological addiction not physical

  • the51project

    Sorry, I just listen to the whole thing and I disagree. I agree that
    smoking regularly (making a habit – like exercise) can be an unhealthy
    habit for some people. Check this out – google thekitchensafe – and smoke
    once per week or every 10 days. Marijuana is a sacred plant – it’s a
    medicine – it’s not coca-cola.

  • joomuffinify

    blaze up everone dont listen to this pussy fart

  • Grim Reaper

    you know how you stop? you STOP. accepting that there are things playing
    against you, ruins your confidence to quit, then gives u an easy out. “oh
    its too hard, oh, i couldnt quit because this or that happened and i needed
    to smoke to calm down” blah blah blah. Man the fuck up and stop smoking it.
    Nothing worth doing is easy.

  • Bjørn Ludwigs

    Smoking cannabis of any kind, does change your person, how you handle
    problems/stress. Though perhaps in some cases for the better, in most
    cases, in the long run, it will be for the worse. You will become lazy,
    more than you already were. You will become a sympathetic person when your
    high, but when your not high, sometimes a bit edgy. Your short term memory
    will be ruined, and will stay so for as long as you smoke, and many months
    after you stop.
    It can be crazy difficult to quit smoking when it seems so harmless, but:
    If you need to learn new things – quit smoking
    If you have a family that loves you and it puts a strain between you and
    your family – quit smoking
    besides that: Smoking is better than any other personality altering drug
    out there imho.

  • ChochyRaebro

    I barely listened to the video but I think reading the comments is almost
    enough to put the pipe down and never pick it up again. Everyone is just
    trying to sound smart arguing with no valid points, just spewing bullshit..
    Also shows you how pathetic your point of view looks as a user because you
    think you make sense and know what you are talking about when really you’re
    just a chicken with your head cut off.

  • Sara B

    25 people failed quitting smoking, hence the dislikes