The surprising story of medical marijuana and pediatric epilepsy: Josh Stanley at TEDxBoulder

Josh will sift through the propaganda, fear and greed encompassing medical marijuana. Recently featured on CNN, Josh and his brothers developed a non-psychot…


  • Turbo617

    Giving kids illegal recreational drugs?!?!?!?!?
    You pieces of shit should be in prison and away from anyone’s children!

  • Quagigitymire

    Wait, this couldn’t possible be true or accurate because our federal
    government has made it very clear that Marijuana and all it’s strains and
    compounds have absolutely no medicinal use what so ever and that it is a
    deadly and dangerous drug tearing at the stability of our great society. I
    mean just listen to the director of the DEA on just how deadly and
    dangerous this evil, evil, mind rotting, family destroying, addictive
    narcotic is and how it turns our children into heroin slamming, crack
    freebasing, selling their bodies for drugs, scum of the earth! I know what
    this is! This has to be some hippy pro weed to get stoned propaganda that
    is trying to brainwash us into thinking that weed is not going to turn
    women into prostitutes and men into criminals when it is a proven fact that
    it is. Come on people! Didn’t they have D.A.R.E. at your schools when you
    grew up? Didn’t you hear the truth from one of our great and ever honest
    president’s Ronald Reagan? Do you want to end up raped by minorities or
    your sister pregnant with some black jazz musicians baby? For Christ’s sake
    Naa, I’m just playing around people. I am an avid proponent of medical and
    even recreational marijuana. I have had 2 surgeries on my spine and ended
    up hook hard on narcotic pain meds for half a decade. I am still struggling
    with the pain med addiction, but with medical marijuana now legal in AZ I
    can tell you I am and will continue to get better and better and depend
    less and less on soul stealing, life controlling narcotic pain meds. I can
    vouch for anyone who has been in my situation by saying that marijuana is a
    far better treatment than Oxycontin, Vicodin, and Percocet when it comes to
    quality of life and being able to function like a normal member of society.

  • Mike Ricca

    Watch all nineteen minutes of this and tell me again why medical marijuana
    shouldn’t be legal everywhere.

  • zlozlozlo

    I was wondering, could this potentially help with my Tourette’s? (tics, or

  • wolfflow

    God bless this man!

  • Andy Rosebrook

    This guy sifts through the propaganda, fear and greed encompassing medical
    marijuana. Recently featured on CNN, Josh and his brothers developed a
    non-psychotropic strain of marijuana which is drastically reducing seizures
    for many pediatric epilepsy patients in Colorado. With millions facing
    life-threatening illnesses, Josh outlines the hurdles needed to effect
    social change and maps a path toward helping those who desperately need
    revolutionary medicine.

  • Thezuule1

    Keep in mind the strain this girl uses was originally called “The Hippies
    Disappointment” because it is completely non-psychoactive. It does not
    affect your consciousness at all. It is a drug in the same way that Tylenol
    is a drug not in the way that heroin is a drug. 

  • IlluminatiGang Banged

    *my momma gave me crack to smoke when I was a kid as well and i turned out
    damm Fine!!*

  • Alma-Rosa González G.

    What about chronic pain sufferers?

  • Gill Dodgson

    I wish the U.K would hurry up and take notice of this-anti inflammatory
    properties? How many arthritis sufferers would benefit from this non-psycho
    active strain of medical marijuana.

  • JonA Baptist

    the Creator didn’t put the plant on 5 continents without reason … get
    past the demonization and hysteria of past decades and realize it has a
    very wonderful purpose

  • AZ4MMJ

    If the Stanley’s were so interested in helping medical cannabis patients
    they would of
    smuggled clones from this particular strain into every state with a medical
    cannabis program.They’re in it for the money first, the fame second,the
    patients last. He speaks of his good friend Charlotte the one who he and
    his brothers made bank off of her and her parents while trade marking the
    name of a children’s book to continue making bank off of thousands of other
    critically ill patients. If Josh was the saint he thinks he is he would
    give his formula to the world for free I know that I would.

    If you want to know about a true humanitarian in the medical cannabis field
    then you should watch Run From The Cure The Rick Simpson Story. He
    rediscovered the extraction method for turning cannabis into oil and then
    he decided to give it to the world absolutely free.

    The dispensary owners who try to distance themselves claiming “Oh those pot
    head hippies give us medical cannabis dispensary owners a bad name and
    that’s not who we are or what were about.” They profit off of the patients
    only because all the pot head hippies as they call people helped vote
    medical cannabis into law giving them their part in a booming billion
    dollar industry.The dispensary owners who think like that give themselves a
    bad name because every person is a potential patient. 

  • sketchfox00653

    After a bad tip-off that my house was a drug haven, the cops found no
    drugs. But still tortured me for 30+ hours, with physical abuse and sleep
    deprivation, to soften me up for a second interrogation. One that never
    came, and i was released without charges. Funny enough, i wasnt a smoker
    then, but i picked up the habit to deal with manic depression and the PTSD
    from the ordeal.

    My door was kicked in by a joint task force of multiple agencies, and when
    they found nothing, they had SO much egg on their face. The only ones there
    were my grandparents, my mom and my little brother. So, of course, they
    arrested me without charge, interrogated me inside my own bedroom. Each
    agency took a turn interrogating me, demanding to know where the stash was.
    They threatened me, my friends, my family, and even my pets. Threatening to
    cut open my cats and gerbils to find the drugs. Pointing guns in my face
    and demanding me to open family lock box’s. Calling me “Faggot”, “Child
    Abusing Fuck”, “Elderly Beater” and spent hours trying to antagonize me
    into giving them a reason to haul me away. Which they eventually did, but
    not before demanding i apologize to my family…for what?!

    I was thrown naked in a solitary holding cell, without clothes, a bed, a
    toilet, food or water. Every 30 minutes they came in and kicked me hard in
    the body, whether i was awake or slowly falling asleep. Then i was released
    without charge and havent even been called to court. And it was over 10
    years ago.

    I have never once even raised my voice to my family. I never once hurt my
    little brother or any member of my family. And when i told them what the
    cops claimed i did, they swore to Christ that they never once told the cops
    i hit them. That night, i was laying in bed, playing video games, when i
    heard my door kicked in and the loud scream of “Search Warrant!”. I can
    still see that one detective nose to nose with me, threatening to kill me
    because i was a “Faggot”, and when i affirmed his suspicions, he forced
    himself to leave because he DID want to kill me for being gay.

    That night is the reason i smoke weed. Its the only thing that settles my
    depression and fear that they will be back to do it again.

  • Benjamin Mooney

    Needs to be edited to cut out the first joke and this is a great story to

  • dave chimp

    the law is an ASS. come on people, can we really stand to live in a world
    like this, that makes plants ILLEGAL while dangerous chemicals that profit
    the rich are fine to give to our kids!?! I can’t bare it any longer

  • 2rk 0wnz

    I hate how the government(s) controls the public instead of what it should
    be where the public controls the government(s)

  • Bruce Wright

    Thank God for these good people.

  • PlateLive

    why you would dislike this ?

  • Kalen Kinloch