The Positive Effects of Glucosamine

Glucosamine occurs naturally in the human body and this substance is found in the fluid surrounding joints. Under normal conditions, Glucosamine which is naturally produced by the body aids in keeping the cartilage healthy. However, changes in the human body affect the production of Glucosamine, such as advancing age, increase in athletic activities, trauma, burns, and other inflammatory disorders causes the amount of Glucosamine produced to decrease.

Insufficient amount of Glucosamine may lead to a decrease in synovial fluid, which is the substance that provides nutrients, lubrication, and a cushion for the joints. When this occurs, the bones in the joints may rub against each other causing damage and degeneration.

When inadequate amount of Glucosamine is produced by the body, dietary Glucosamine supplements may be needed. Glucosamine occurs naturally in nature and can be found in the shells of shellfish. Depending on the deficiency and severity of the condition, the dosage of Glucosamine varies though it is usually prescribed at 1,500 mg daily.

When Glucosamine dietary supplements are taken regularly, researchers believe that they may stimulate the production of substances that may aid in maintaining the cartilage health and help protected against further damage.

Glucosamine is best known for its positive effects on knee osteoarthritis. Patients who have mild to moderate knee osteoarthritis seem to benefit the most from Glucosamine when compared to patients suffering from severe knee osteoarthritis. However, some small studies have stated thatpatients suffering from severe knee osteoarthritis may still benefit from the anti-inflammatory effect of the drug.

Different types of osteoarthritis may benefit from Glucosamine’s anti-inflammatory effect. The anti-inflammatory effect of Glucosamine is brought about by the drug’s ability to suppress neutrophil production which plays a major role in inflammation. Decreasing inflammation of the joints may contribute to decreased pain perception. Aside from the anti-inflammatory effect of Glucosamine on the joints, Glucosamine may also help in the improvement of joint function.

Patients suffering from cervical and lumbar spine osteoarthritis experienced pain relief after Glucosamine have been administered everyday for 6 months.

Studies have been made on Glucosamine’s effect on a condition called chronic venous insufficiency and believe that Glucosamine may have a positive effect on the condition. Chronic venous insufficiency is a condition characterized by swelling of the legs, appearance of varicose veins, pain, itching, unusual skin changes and appearance of skin ulcers.

In a small clinical trial, patients suffering from chronic venous insufficiency were treated with Glucosamine for 30 days. The study was able to conclude that Glucosamine can help improve the symptoms associated with the disorder including a decrease in the swelling of the legs in about 70 to 90 percent of the test subjects.

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