The Only Way to Win Argument Against Marijuana (Don’t let the other person talk) – Personal Loans up to 000. Rates Start at 6.59% APR.


  • PenguinX Stuie

    that makes me angry, now more people will be agenst it because they only
    heard one side of the story.

  • carulzz

    what the fuck are they laughing about?? 

  • carulzz

    so what if the potency is higher you still cant overdose…

  • diseity

    “neither one of us should hopefully do that”, says the guy who just did.

  • evolution759

    oh yea Americans love to lie about marijuana and they tell people don’t
    believe everything they tell you about weed. everybody wants to Avoid it
    because they know their friends and family will shun them for it and this
    how our country along with its economy is destroyed. America is so full of
    shit. this country really with has an issue with marijuana but does not
    seem to have a Problem with websites that help depressed people commit
    suicide using painless tools or shots to inject in the body so they can end
    their lives which seems very legalized. how fucked up is that?

  • rustedromeo

    Somehow in the beginning when they said no biased no bull,, that it was
    going to be bullshit and biased. They really didn’t mention one thing about
    how or why marijuana was actually bad, they act like it is but what really
    makes it a bad thing besides it being illegal. You can make tying your
    shoes illegal but that doesn’t mean that the act in itself is a bad thing.

  • Kelly O’Donnell

    Ron Paul is pissed because he has to debate a moronic robot who can’t think
    for himself.

  • Wright Byrd

    Freedom of Choice YES I vote for that love when he got to squeeze that in
    there before they cut him off right away lmao

  • Owen McNulty

    Gateway drug… I could stab my eye out with a fork. Should we make forks

  • James Antonsen

    “Four times the tar of Tobacco smoke” These are the people who represent
    us. Jesus fucking christ

  • Sam Fisher

    the anti marijuana guy needs to brush up on his communication skills,
    particularly by turning his listening ears on and his ego off

  • Tom Moser

    guys… guys… I’ve just read some comments and decided to rewrite my
    own… I’m ok with legal weed, I’m actually quite happy about it but
    *please* stop with these bullshit arguments. Seriously, the cause needs
    serious arguments, not absolute bullshit!
    Smoking marijuana is not necessarily good for health, it’s intoxication,
    but it shouldn’t be illegal, because it’s not more harmful than tobacco or
    alcohol (you actually can get high a little bit using tobacco in particular
    ways). Just stop using the most ridiculous arguments, because they
    seriously hurt the cause, ok?

  • rawestmeatevr

    Ernest Istook is a fucking dumbass. Seriously? lol. Just repeating what he
    is told to say. Marinol… 4x the tar… STFU

  • PonyboyOK

    One shoud never forbid what one lacks the power to prevent.
    – Napoleon Bonaparte

    Even a man who was an Emperor who stood on the very brink of world
    domination who possessed absolute power to enforce law and justice knew
    that there are somethings which simply cannot be controlled no matter how
    much you might like to.

    Some problems simply cannot be solved they can only be managed. The
    question then naturally becomes, how best might we manage the problem of
    drugs. I think we’ve seen the obvious results of the “war against drugs”
    over the past decades.

    When people start thinking with their heads instead of their emotions and
    simply learn to accept the inevitable the world will be a much better