The Northern Lights in Lapland

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northern lights marijuana
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The Northern lights are a rare phenomenon and occur typically in and around the Arctic Circle. The best times to view these amazing lights in the sky are at the start of December through to March and they are typically seen in December and January. In Lapland you don’t really have to travel far in order to see the beautiful lights although there are many organised trips in Lapland that will take you to the best places in order to view them.

The lights occur when particles from the sun meet the Earth’s magnetic field.  When the particles collide they create energy which is visible as bright lights across the night’s sky. These colours are vibrant yellows, greens and orange glows.

Snowmobile trips will take you to many places across Lapland where the Northern lights are most likely to occur but really you can see them almost anywhere and they are more visible on a clear night when there is little cloud. Other trips in Lapland involve walking through the forests of Lapland and following the amazing glow of the Northern lights.

Many years ago the locals in Lapland told all sorts of stories about the Northern lights and often believed they were spirits dancing in the night sky. Other theories were fox’s tails alights shooting through the sky and more often many locals believed they were a representation of souls of the dead. Of course we know what they really are but the sight if you are lucky enough to see them is an amazing one.

Many of the huts in Lapland which can be used by anyone are good places to see the Northern lights and many people will trek to these lonely huts in the middle of the wilderness and light a fire. Locals may even toast sausages and wait for the arrival of the Northern lights. Cross country skiing is also a good activity for seeing the Northern lights. Many of the cross country ski trails are across the frozen, vast lakes and this is an ideal time to witness this rare phenomenon.

The Northern lights are typically seen in the polar regions but it isn’t unheard of to witness them in other countries and sometimes the U,K.  Although you will of course not see them as often as you will in Lapland where they are definitely a common sight and one that you will never forget.

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