THE LOGIC-ALI SHOW —HHH medical marijuana dispensary hollywood hills reality show

Logic-ali logicali weed shop mmj prop 215 sb 420 cannabis reality.


  • Chris Reyes

    what’s the song at 5:25 ?

  • Vince Burke

    this is my dream

  • Dawn Duchess

    nice come up

  • Edith Ivhay Rosenblat

    I am waiting patiently for Florida to become legal. Right now oil is legal
    not the plant itself… 

  • Bim Henderson

    Subtitles, please.

  • bobis bak

    bro its 9 am im lmao at u singin spiderman when that nutbar walked in
    hahahahahahahaha (ok i had to edit this becasue i rewinded ure song 10
    times now hahahha)

  • whiff1962

    I am for decriminalization of personal possession of any drug and of
    marijuana, but I am much happier that we keep California to Californians.
    What a morally and politically debauched state.

  • On7ineOptix

    spiderman gets totally ignored at 3:18 hahaha

  • Ozzie Osborne

    The person mybelow whatever,that called American weed shit and literally
    the dude or yank don’t like America,at least we don’t mix our weed with
    tobacco,like Europeans tend to do…

  • AvG Venom

    this guy is like a hispanic chumlee from pawn stars haha.

  • GoGo Rodriguez

    I wanna smoke with this guy someday.

  • MrSkypony

    Reminds me of another dumb ass Chumlee

  • Payton Moore


  • tylor luongo

    is he packing?? lmfao

  • Enchilada

    He Just Grabs Like If It Was Nothing,

  • 101moariboy

    spider man spider man boo dika bika dika boo da boo hahaha

  • Droga Shabu

    im gonna smoke weed to this video

  • ModifiedYouth

    Stoner Chum Lee – He actually knows his shit!

  • ZChimpTV

    @4407474 and look