The Herb Shoppe, MMJ Centers Colorado Springs, Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Medical Marijuana Centers, Dispensaries, Colorado Springs, The Herb Shoppe, 3020 W. Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80904.
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  • MrDjSeamless325

    So can you buy weed recreational in Co springs or no?

  • Mark Kloberg

    4 2 0…….Bring it on and let’s all make some serious $$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • uziel900able

    haha mice sales woman lol shes a pothead or what 

  • adda hebburn

    will you ship to united kingdom?

  • Joel Malimu
  • pompoyitaa

    Good job and the shop looks great

  • ThaLocsta831

    5 Dollar eighths lol

  • John Smoke

    Im relocating to colorado springs, Im hoping to get my red card for
    migraines and chronic lower back pain, Im considering making this my
    medical marijuana center!

  • Inked40

    I want to move to Colorado. My state sucks.Pennsylvania. I know…i know…

  • getgoodusa

    razzle dazzle my ass thats grape ape

  • TFKgeneral

    This video is making my back hurt just watching it.. I need medicine.

  • Straylight100

    Whichever state legalises first, will gets the glory when the whole sorry
    saga of prohibition is written. Recognition for being the first one’s to
    actually say, “You know what, this policy stinks, and we aren’t playing
    along any more.” It will be embarrassing if Uruguay, a nation formerly a
    by-word for police state, legalises cannabis before one of the states of
    the United States, but at the end of the day, the more cracks & breaks, the
    sooner the whole rotten façade will come crashing down.

  • Jay Shafer

    Good prices…

  • dirtyboy304

    i literally have to move out of state to get over there. and then gota get
    my card first.