The Effects of Smoking on the Oral Health

A lot of studies have proven the ill-effects of smoking to one’s health. It is common knowledge that smoking increases the risks of having heart attacks, strokes and is the number one source of lung cancer. Smoking during pregnancy may be linked to premature births and abnormalities when the child is born. Aside from that, smoking has a great impact on one’s overall oral health.

Cigarettes contain harmful substances that cause several oral health problems such as dry mouth syndrome, gum diseases and tooth loss. Smokers usually suffer from loss of bone structure, inflammation of the salivary glands, and development of oral cancer. In addition to that, tartar and plaque formation are apparent, as well as the presence of bad breath.

Aside from that, smoking can cause Leukoplakia, a white or gray patch that develops on the tongue, inside of the cheek or on the palette of the mouth. This is the result of the chronic irritation of the mucous membranes of the mouth. If this is not treated immediately, it can lead to more serious medical and dental complications.

A lot of healthcare communities are concerned with treating the effects of smoking such as addiction and health effects. A smoker must schedule an examination with his physician to identify the proper smoking cessation program. Aside from that, he must adhere to a counseling service, nicotine patch, or non-nicotine prescription medications. After that, he must schedule a professional oral health check up with a dentist in Concord NC.

The smoker must inform the dentists Concord NC offers of his smoking habits so he may be screened for periodontal disease and other dental conditions as a result of smoking. For smokers, dentists also prepare a special dental hygiene program that can be done at home. For instance, they require more cleaning than non-smokers usually need to eliminate the traces of cigarettes on the mouth. As such, they must purchase a new tongue cleaner, dental floss and mouthwash prescribed by their dentists.

Smokers can also ask their dentist in Concord NC or doctors for medications that will help them calm their nicotine cravings. Some of these medications may be purchased over-the-counter, while some may need a prescription from the physician. Support groups also come in tandem with drug therapy. Quitting can be hard, but with determination, effort and advice from the right people, it can be easy to surpass.

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