The case for medical marijuana research on PTSD

This clip from Botany of Desire does a fantastic job of explaining how and why medical marijuana can help people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.
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Andrew Weil’s (M.D.) talk during the Psychedelic Science in the 21st century conference in California, April 2010. Organized by MAPS, CSP, Heffter Research I…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • Josh Bodhi’Sattva

    I’m an Army Infantry Iraq Veteran with PTSD. But I’ll tell you now combat
    isn’t the only thing that’s caused my PTSD and depression and my damned
    need to burn away all the memories I can of the past and not just from

  • tonymengela

    Prison gave me PTSD, and its funny how the thing that put me in prison now
    helps me be able to be around people again.

  • Rex Rose


  • Axel Vasa

    Hey Shadow bitch,,,shut your fukin yap.

  • Rachel Lachapelle
  • MilkyWayTree

    Sigh i wish people would just stop believing everything works for ptsd such
    as canibis. Veterans are not lab rats and companies who produces drugs gets
    billions of profits..

    Im a med student and also a combat vet, have ptsd and tbi and from what i
    can tell you is that canibis inhibits receptors in your neurons, it makes
    receptors new receptors, which cause addiction , its like drinking coffee
    once u drink coffee it becomes a norm every morning to drink coffee.. Also
    dont forget the memory lost.. Yes im aware it increases bloodflow and
    relaxes you.. But over intake of this drug cause chemical imbalance..
    Remember they also tried to introduce met to vets who have ptsd.. Its all
    for profit… You cant cure ptsd by meds alone, its not true.. The best way
    for neurons to relearn and rebuild is by theraphy. Its none-invasive and
    none antigonistic to your natural receptors.

  • Vanegas Martin

    en español por favor para mostrarlo a mi mama !!plis¡¡ 

  • Andrew Schnelwar

    I have PTSD and cannabis saved my life. I would be dead, in jail, or in a
    mental institution had it not been for cannabis. Instead I’m a perfectly
    functioning person now. 

  • Kevin TheCatMan Hand

    Thank you for sharing. Thank you!

  • Thomas Juul

    So, if you have childhood PTSD. Will this work too?

  • videodesignerz

    OMFG. BULLSHIT INFORMATION. Cannabis is not valuable only for THC! Its
    valuable for CBD, THC and multiple other medical ingredients!

  • David Roberts
  • Angie Montalvo
  • patrickmaky42

    THC on its own = puke. THC + CBD = giggling your tits off.

  • Plantando Consciencia

    Thanks for reportuing the issue. You can find it also on vimeo and we will fix the issue asap

  • bgoodfella7413

    Buddha smoked bud and used psychedelics in his time to become enlightened.
    One would only understand this if he/she has experienced it for one’s self.

  • Love Efx
  • Jeremy Gaspar

    I believe Dr. Weil is a voice of reason on this topic, being a Harvard
    trained M.D. and a botanist.

  • Dennis Delfino

    Audio cuts out and screen freezes @ 42:12. Can any one redirect to me the
    full video?

  • Scot Waring

    Dr. Andrew Weil

  • Livinginabox20

    They can rather ban alcohol, it breaks up more families, but that’s ok,
    because governments decided so.

  • Livinginabox20

    Maruana can be taken as a tea or even make date cake with it, 

  • Mr-Nice-Guy j

    This is incredible. I’ve taken LSD, and can completely imagine the
    possibilities of the compound in so many ways. 

  • Kronicilln3ss

    Any legal bs med that just makes u feel worse or numb or causes many
    problems if u have kids and they cause impotence. It’s all big pharma
    trying to keep us on there garbage cuz the govt took the moral high ground
    and said anything that causes the awful unacceptable side effect of
    euphoria. Cuz if people ever felt good especially those In constant pain
    the world would implode good thing big bro is protecting us hypocrites they
    do blow meth the bad stuff the natural should be legal

  • notsurebud

    Fuck jurygovernment and their opinion

  • danmu

    So you believe this doc when he says LSD cured his sunburns? Really? lol. I
    have to wonder if you actually watched this video. I have no prob with pot
    and LSD, etc. They should be legal for recreational *and* medicinal use.
    However, I assure you, crackpots, superstitious folks, charlatans, and
    their loopy followers are done far more damage to the world than people
    like me who laugh at them. Yes, I think this doc is outright lying when he
    claims LSD can cure sun burns. I’m amazed you believe.

  • Cannafied420

    The name of that movie is “Pumping Iron”

  • Kronicilln3ss

    This med should be legal it’s safer then alchohol and tylonal the FDA even
    stated that cubensis was. High doses almost paralyze u not really but u
    feel all rubbery and if ur too high u don’t want to move it’s even safer
    with a sober sitter so u don’t get the cliche yet somethin I’ve never
    experienced but the bad connotation that ppl think they can fly. I found
    this therapeutic in everyday 4arthritis types fibromyalgia & anxiety
    depression and ibs to top it off but trips helped so much more then

  • Julie Arnold

    I hope medical marijuana continues to be used. Such great uses for it.

  • fuuckk offbitch

    stop talking so fast man

  • danmu

    Yes, I think he just outright lied about this. It is total nonsense and
    he’s full of crap that LSD cured his sunburns. No, not everything that
    sounds like magic warrants research. Sometimes common sense tells you that
    something is so implausible that no research is necessary – if I said LSD
    made monkeys fly out of my butt, it wouldn’t be something needing
    additional research. Sorry 🙂

  • divinelola

    integrative medicine…. sounds like chiropractic to me!!!!!! nothing new