The Best Marijuana Documentary (Canadian)

Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • toasteh

    Note how the average bloke who is against the legalization of marijuana
    will never watch this, because he/she is simply not interested. A very
    informative documentary!

  • SuperMegaUltraPigeon

    So many scientifically incorrect statements in this video.

  • Konphetty

    Potheads masturbate to this video

  • Jonathan Spengler

    Reagan was a cocksucker….

  • jesus christ

    Not a good documentary. Only people fawning all over it are pot heads
    already. If you want a genuinely good documentary, make one less heavy

  • NeovisionX

    Fuck Reagan, all he did was sell our country to corporations.

  • MyFunnyBrianShow

    Speaking of marijuana, I remember almost seeing Hall and Oates in concert
    back in the 80’s. They were my absolute favorite band. I was especially
    fond of John Oates. I even tried to grow a mustache, but it was more of a
    crustache due to my age. I remember before the concert I had a t-shirt
    professionally made with John’s face on the front, and on the back I had
    them write “I can go for that yes can do!” My Mom had to take me to the
    concert because I was only around 13 or 14 years old. I was SO EXCITED! As
    soon as my Mom and I stepped out of the car at the coliseum, some jerk who
    was taking pot, looked at my shirt and said “Dude, that has to be the
    gayest thing I have ever seen in my life!” His friends who I assumed were
    all taking the pot too all started laughing! I ran straight back to the car
    in tears and made my Mom take me home. I have never had an interest in
    marijuana because apparently it makes you say mean things. My Mom said I
    could smoke it if I get cancer, and I said NO WAY because it is illegal in

  • lAm Jahova

    giving monkey 63 joints a day?! jesus i think most of us can go with maybe
    3-7 a day 

  • Ullbritt

    top killer should actually be sugar…

  • Artur Adamik

    I smoke 16 Years now and I never even think about harder drugs(of course I
    tried some long time ago so I know VERY good how that works ) anyway noe
    thing changed in me for sure I am a better person……..and please do not
    only like this movie if You have an idea how to bring people together and
    DO SOMETHING?How many people must go to REAL JAIL for smoking a plant?

  • The Truth Is

    If you are seeking a good documentary on “The Marijuana Debate” this is not
    it. I am an addiction counsellor who deals with addicts all the time. We
    live in a twisted world and the reason for that is the distortion in
    people’s thinking. We receive biased information such as this and consider
    it to be the gospel truth. Marijuana is a drug and such it creates
    intoxication. With intoxication comes a distortion of thinking and physical
    coordination. I used to smoke pot and we would fire back like 3-4 beers and
    then have a joint. We would get blasted with the combo. If you think for a
    second that legalizing will not create problems you are mistaken. I refute
    the suggestion that Marijuana has never caused a death. It has with alcohol
    caused a great number of deaths. We just don’t perform blood tests for Pot.
    1 death will be too many. smarten up folks, get high kayaking or sailing or
    fishing. The truth is we have an emotionally messed world. Drugs are not
    the answer, God is. Get tuned to good healthy habits and you won’t have to
    pay the consequences for poor choices.

  • salientfilm

    smoked weed during finals. studied first. then reviewed after smoking a
    joint. got high and started asking questions, why, why?? and it actually
    forced me to do more research outside of the norm.
    just remember this: there was a time when the government told you it was ok
    to smoke nasty ass cigarettes. and now look at all the cancer victims. how
    the hell can people still be so stupid? you don’t have to smoke marijuana
    to see the benefits. ask questions. stop being a goddamn propaganda slave.
    shit gets old. 

  • fruitcake

    weed was here alot longer than the creation of alcohol

  • Kraziiboi

    Its odd seeing a documentary that takes place in your own city 

  • Austin Kelly

    Marijuana will definitely wipe out 99% of the tobacco industry once it
    becomes federally legalized and prices drop. Just use it in moderation…it
    is easy to abuse and when abused it affects the users motivation to do
    tasks that aren’t enjoyable, but necessary. That is why it gets a bad rap.

  • TheTeeal

    This really has got to be the BEST marijuana documentary. Informative,
    honest, un-bias and above-all, educational. Thank you so much <3 

  • Dave Barton
  • NeovisionX

    Did guys know that if you flip around a 6 it becomes a 9! Like what? Dude!

  • Andrew Rankin

    wished my bitch ass ex-gf watched this when I told her to instead being a
    judgemental ass bitch! …bitch!

  • sdmoney2010

    what the hell happened to common sense? it baffles me how over
    discussed this issue is, all because people want a legal excuse to get
    high. If it the medical properties ya want.. leave it to big pharma to
    extract the benefits, I know enough people abusing the medical marijuana
    out there as it is that don’t really need it. They are quite willing to
    brag about that too. You dont need a substance of any kind to enhance your
    already perfectly designed brain and lungs. Anything that alters these
    alreday perfect organs, isnt good or healthy. How hard is that to figure
    out? Ill tell you, about 30 yrs..the length of time it took me to realize
    it, as plain as it is to see. Addiction, so cunning baffling and powerful.
    OH and when did we decide that a good way to get accurate information on
    something, was to Google it??




  • Anthony Hungus

    Instead of war on poverty, they got a war on drug so the police can bother