The Addictive New York Nightclubs

New York City is known throughout the world for its sizzling energy and vitality. The place is often referred popularly as the city that never sleeps and this is quite just. The place is not only a unique blend of fashion, commercial activities, food, and tourist activities it has one of the finest and the most dazzling nightclubs and bars!
Nightlife is most exciting in New York City and there is no doubt to it. The NYC attractions are addictive in nature with a plethora of colorful and mesmerizing music, concerts, operas, Broadway shows and classic dance and exotic drinks in its bars. For all of you who want to rock in roll on chic and stylish dance floors with heady collections of drinks should definitely land in NYC:

Pegu Club is the most stylish club with a discreet nature that offers excellent collection of cocktail connoisseur. Located at the second floor of bakery in SoHo Street, the club has proper booths for couples as well rowdy groups. Its special drinks include delicious sips of Earl Grey MarTeani, Pegu Club, Tantris Sidecar and lots more interesting mixtures. You will love th tranquil and soothing atmosphere of the club with aromatic smells and fragrances.
Art lovers run to Passerby and soothe and your frizzled nerves and sensitive nature. The place is a pure feast for the artistic mind. The place is full of local artists as well dancers and musicians from all around the globe such as Tokyo, London, LA, Paris and Berlin. For the singles, the place has fantastic alluring cabins, private lounges for the couples and rounds of heady wine and with mesmerizing DJ music.

Circa Tabac is a safe sanctuary for the smoke lovers in a nearly non-smoke zone of New York. The nicotinic atmosphere filled with addictive and tempting rounds of imported and finest wines, this bar is for the strong only! Here you shall find amazing collections of fine cigars, and you can taste heady wine mixtures of Stoli raspberry, framboise, and champagne.Circa Tabac also offers food for the wandering souls and hungry stomachs.
Wine lovers go hit the Veloce in Chelsea or in the East Village and make use of their finest Italian wine collection. Joe’s Pub is a classic center of finest dancers and hypnotic musicians who create marvelous performances here.
Fashionable and hip, can be found near the Meatpacking District where entrance depends a little on your social status. However the inside atmosphere will wipe away any trace of the fast paced lifestyle of NYC with its wooden floors, brick walls, and colorful surroundings.

Enjoy the various NYC options to dance and party all night!

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