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Marijuana may be legal in some states, but homeowner agreements can still ban it DENVER — Pot may be legal in some states — but the neighbors don't have to like it. Marijuana and hemp have joined wacky paint colors and unsightly fences as common neighborhood disputes facing homeowners' associations. Though a few HOAs have … […]
Medical Marijuana Patients Hail Landmark Victory with Another Unprecedented … “An overwhelming number of House members are telling the Obama Administration to stop meddling in state and local medical marijuana laws,” said Mike Liszewski, Government Affairs Director with Americans for Safe Access, which has been lobbying … Read more on The Daily Chronic New York's new […]
Lawmakers in 11 states approve low-THC medical marijuana bills Spurred by the stories of epileptic children being treated in Colorado with cannabis oil, lawmakers across the country this year have made a dramatic change in how they talk about marijuana. Thus far, nine states have passed laws legalizing either the … Read more on The […]
BC pot loses market share as US states ease marijuana laws It is difficult to get data on an underground industry, but there's general agreement that the majority of B.C. bud is exported to the U.S. or Eastern Canada. According to a 2004 study, B.C.'s marijuana … Marijuana activist Jodie Emery, whose husband … Read […]
As Medical Marijuana Bill Heads To Senate, Four States Consider Legislation Twenty-two states and Washington, D.C. have already enacted laws legalizing marijuana for medical purposes. Florida, Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania are in the process of rolling out legislation. The criterion for a person to be prescribed a medical … Read more on Federal Medical […]