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Hashish Presumptive Drug Test Image by Jack Spades The above photo shows the positive results of the number 8 Duquenois reagent presumptive drug test when used with a sample of Afghan Hashish. The Duquenois test is conducted by placing a small sample of suspect material (about the size of the tip of a typical pocket […]
Body Shots Image by wbeem Alien Bee 1600 w/strip softbox, egg crate grid backlighting subject. Dating has been the “in” thing for today’s generation. Anyone interested in a long term relationship or has marriage plans can opt for dating. It is the perfect thing if you are feeling lonely or wants a caring and loving […]
medical marijuana : strains and varieties Image by torbakhopper medicinal canabis you’d be surprised how specific the usefulness can actually be. i thought this was funny. it’s from a book called, "the emperor of all maladies", which in a tongue-and-cheek fashion, points all sorts of invisible fingers at the cartels who have controlled the development […]
Marijuana may be legal in some states, but homeowner agreements can still ban it DENVER — Pot may be legal in some states — but the neighbors don't have to like it. Marijuana and hemp have joined wacky paint colors and unsightly fences as common neighborhood disputes facing homeowners' associations. Though a few HOAs have … […]