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As humans, we prefer different sort of things for entertainment purposes. Majority likes music while the minority dislikes it. However, music can be really useful in depressing times. Music is about bringing peace to human minds. We can learn how to be positive by listening to music. As employees, being positive is very important for your lives. […]
Glucosamine occurs naturally in the human body and this substance is found in the fluid surrounding joints. Under normal conditions, Glucosamine which is naturally produced by the body aids in keeping the cartilage healthy. However, changes in the human body affect the production of Glucosamine, such as advancing age, increase in athletic activities, trauma, burns, […]
The regular cigarette smoking is extremely dangerous for health. A person who may not smoke cigarettes, just hanging out with smokers increases the risk of getting into most cancers. There is not any reliable method of smoking other than an E Cigarette Liquid. The greater a person smoke cigarettes the larger would be the chances […]
Report: Higher threshold for positive marijuana tests in new drug policy Dan Graziano of ESPN.com reports that changes to the way the league handles testing and discipline for marijuana. Graziano reports that the new substance-abuse policy will “significantly increase” the threshold for a positive marijuana test, something … Read more on NBCSports.com The NFL should […]
Mitch McGary headed to NBA after testing positive for marijuana While many expected Mitch McGary's Michigan career to end early, no one expected this. McGary will head to the NBA after his sophomore year but not because of his talent alone. He was left with little choice after his failed drug test during the NCAA … […]
Bucks' Larry Sanders suspended five games after testing positive for marijuana Now there is this: He has been suspended five games by the NBA for violating the league's drug policy, the league announced Friday. Five games is the league's marijuana penalty, and Sanders admitted that is what the suspension is for. Just a reminder … […]