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Private Instructions to Lady Patients Image by Marxchivist Late 1800’s. Courtesy of the North Carolina State Archives Menopause is the permanent cessation of reproductive fertility for a woman. The sudden decline in estrogen from menopause can cause various health concerns to women. The consequence health risks following the lack of estrogen are : 1) Osteoporosis […]
by vegetarians-dominate-meat-eaters-01 Bodybuilding Does Not Make Women’s Features Masculine There is a widespread perception that doing weights make women develop big muscles which makes them look bulky. The perception has grown from seeing photographs of women bodybuilders which appear on various fitness magazines. But such figures are not natural. As unfortunate as it may be, […]
by Pete Briones If you are responsible for finding the most suitable male or female voice talent for your project, you really need to have a good business relationship with a top notch company to supply you with excellent voiceover work. If you are searching for that one company out of the thousands that are […]
'Science with Dr. Ah': Use, legalization of marijuana offers many unanswered … The amount of THC varies from plant to plant and is most abundant in the female plants. The male plants produce very little THC as … In this country "marijuana" typically refers to the dried flowers, leaves, stems and seeds. It is illegal […]
step off of your altar Image by Kelsey Weaver Soy Diet Keeps Female Hearts Healthy Eating lots of soy early in life could help keep women's hearts healthy, according to a new study. While lifelong soy consumption is best at preventing atherosclerosis, new research reveals that switching to switching to soy from a Western diet […]