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Chesley Man Facing Drug Charges Robert Richard St. Jean of Chesley has been charged with escaping lawful custody, possession of methamphetamine for the purpose of trafficking, possession of cannabis, possession of cannabis resin and two counts of failing to comply with a probation … Read more on BlackburnNews.com Colorado marijuana laws and ski holidays: what's the […]
Hashish Presumptive Drug Test Image by Jack Spades The above photo shows the positive results of the number 8 Duquenois reagent presumptive drug test when used with a sample of Afghan Hashish. The Duquenois test is conducted by placing a small sample of suspect material (about the size of the tip of a typical pocket […]
drug driven suicide – poster campaign (hdr) Image by Adam Foster | Codefor A poster to be used for a drug awareness campaign titled "Worried about Someone"? Designed to be used by the independent drug awareness and advice service FRANK. The poster uses dark and abstract imagery manipulated to look like a disturbing scene of […]
Is cannabis a gateway drug? Photographer Simon Bernhardt's controversial … In a paper on the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre website, authors Amanda McAtamney and Katie Willis wrote that despite a number of studies pinpointing cannabis as a gateway drug, “the relationship between cannabis and other … Read more on The Daily Telegraph Monterey County […]
Addiction doesn't matter under collectively-bargaining drug policy I was a daily weed smoker for 10 years and had to quit for a job and had zero withdrawl symptoms. It may be mentally addicting for some people, but saying that someone is addicted to marijuana vs. say prescription pills for example which are 100% legal … […]