Swaziland: Gold Mine of Marijuana (Part 1/2)

Swaziland: Gold Mine of Marijuana (Part 1/2)

Check out more episodes of Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia here: Swaziland is a landlocked country sandwiched between South Africa and Mozambiq…


  • derezzed83

    What a bunch of nonsense. Marijuana doubles the risk of schizophrenia and
    is associated with earlier age of bipolar disorder. At least they could’ve
    made the documentary more balanced to reflect the negative side effects
    instead of this hipster propaganda.

  • A1R5N1P3R

    Drug addicts, and how they see perceive reality, is so funny to me.

  • john ricks

    studies show that heavy marijuana users will experience extremely graphic
    hallucinations. the drug contains “THC”. it will cause the hallucinations
    and will ruin your life. it causes schizophrenia. 4 out of 20 users die of
    overdose. rise above the influence. dont do drugs pls

  • Chris Miller

    “I had read in books that cannabis has a distinctive odor and appearance,
    but nothing could have prepared me for my first time seeing the plant the
    drug users refer to as… pot.” Hahaha, this guy is actually hilarious,
    even though my first impression of him was a hipster idiot

  • Clifford Fischer

    10 bones for that set up? that was easily a quater of some fine mary. I’m
    packing up and going to live with the free ranging monkeys in Swaziland!

  • Kraut

    This truly is a drug user show becouse even the reporter is a drug addict
    and looks like it too. A dying skeleton.

  • Lou Montana

    If we do not vote out Right Wing Conservative Republicans the state of
    Colorado will go into drastic reverse. They hide behind American
    Patriotism, Gun Rights and Christianity. They claim to believe in personal
    freedom but they want to tell you how to live and where to live. If they
    are allowed to succeed America will become Nazi Germany. Conservatives will
    search public records, interrogate and seek out people who do not believe
    as they do and dispose of them. Do not think this will not happen.

    Preserve your right to have the freedom of choice and VOTE against the
    Right Wing distruction of AMERICA and YOUR FREEDOM!

  • KnoxGaming

    idk much about weed. but is $1500 too high or too low for that much of
    weed. Seen here 11:48

  • Bells Castillo

    Smoking weed is for pussies. Nothing beats eating a good brownie. Plus no
    gross coughing.

  • grognougnou


  • EmilyASAP Gucci

    haha I really enjoy Hamilton’s hosted documentaries 🙂 hes fun

  • Heil Hitler

    got damn i cannot stand this stupid hipster fag

  • solidtemper

    Fact. If you are high all the time you will come up with random ideals that
    have no structure. #potheadsaredumb

  • Drop Bhombs

    Check me out for some sweeeet smoking vids! Watch me do a half gram dab

  • tanjali omar tanjali

    12:28 he got ripped off lol…..

  • IntelligentTrees2

    Enough weed to fill 4 bathtubs? Holy shit. I think i’d just hotbox my
    entire house

  • ffx178

    This skinny reporter of yours (VICE) looks high and he is mostly interested
    in cannabis/marijuana stuff LOL