Stop Smoking Benefits

There is no denying that smoking is a major health hazard to both those that smoke and also to those that breathe in a smokers second hand smoke.  That being said there is a vast variety of benefits that come from stopping smoking and while some of these are visible immediately the others which are gradual are the ones that have the greatest impact on a smoker’s health.

The immediate effects of stopping smoking include having fresher breath, hair and clothing no longer smelling of stale smoke, fingers and fingernails no longer stained by cigarette smoke and the return of a smoker’s sense of smell and taste.

Other immediate benefits from stopping smoking include the substantial increase you will see in your bank balance.  Smoking is an expensive habit and if you were to calculate what you spend on cigarettes on a annual basis then you would probably be surprised and the savings from not smoking could be huge.

No longer having to live your life around your nicotine addiction only becomes apparent once you reach the point were you feel just as comfortable without smoking a cigarette as a non-smoker as you did as a smoker smoking cigarettes. You know longer have to stand around outside in all types of weather to smoke a cigarette or fear or feel uncomfortable in situations were you cannot smoke.

The ultimate benefit from giving up smoking cigarettes will however be will be the long term health benefits that occur once you stop smoking. These benefits are not always visible as they happen internally but any smoker how does stop smoking will see a marked improvement in their overall health.  The moment you stop smoking cigarettes you’re body begins the process of repairing itself of the damage down due to smoking and over time life expectancy and quality of life increase.

However, despite all the benefits which result from giving up smoking and despite the fact that each and every long term smoker knows that smoking can lead to cancer, heart disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease many smokers still continue to smoke and the reason is nicotine addiction.

Nicotine addiction is considered one of the most difficult addictions to overcome and once a smoker stops smoking they experience withdrawal symptoms .  These withdrawal symptoms and the cravings for nicotine usually result in many smokers returning to full time smoking within only a matter of hours or days after stopping smoking.

If you do give up smoking cigarettes only to quickly return to smoking then don’t lose hope.  Most smokers who quit smoking cigarettes will need to try again and again, so keep trying until you finally stop smoking for good.

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