Stoner Girl – How To Make Pot Brownies (Weed Brownies / Marijuana Brownies / Cannabis Brownies)

A ~lady~ will show you how to make delicious peanut butter & nutella pot brownies! This is the perfect recipe for newcomers to the consuming of weed – Start …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • Sean Spitz

    hi “letThemEatPot” i would like to know if i can add the cannabutter to a
    gooey brownie recipe. will it still give one a good high ?

  • Elaine Corbett

    I make these with only
    7grams of weed

  • Derek Galloway

    how much sugar seemed like a lot 

  • chuky96

    Putting canna butter in the microwave*

  • Ricky Hernandez

    Can i just use a quarter of weed

  • Lyndon n ella-mia Harper

    Nice video! can I suggest you melt the butter in second bowl that way you
    wouldn’t have wasted any of it! 

  • Levar Edler

    I never seen here put the weed in their did yall

  • chuky96

    Putting canna butter destroys the psycoactives so I don’t know why you
    don’t use regular butter at this point. xD

  • Adam Libya

    haha why did u sift it then put the balls that the sifter caught into the

  • will black

    Will you be my girlfriend? :-)

  • Vincent Vermilion

    MmmHmm! Finally, OG Kushx in Brownies,Salute!!! Thanks for the vids. 

  • Jemalacane0

    I like the way you talk.

  • Brianna Okel

    Love it ! I use this recipe quite often yet this batch will be my first
    time trying it . . 

  • Bong Rat Kings


  • Dustin Perkins

    How potent are those brownies

  • JustHTXchillin

    how many brownies shoulkd that be youi said start with half well if you
    make all that pan into 6 brownies than half is still a lot just curious to
    how much should i eat i smoke on the regular only eaten a herb cookie one

  • South Jerz Swag

    She didn’t burn her hands when she lifted the hot tray out of the oven with
    her bare hands….

  • kruek24

    “I wish I had a blender right now” right behind you….

  • James Martin

    Those were some quality ingredients she used there…

  • Morris Terry

    I love you!

  • Alec Abriam

    Damn that hit her fast 

  • Young Sinatra

    organic weed 

  • عربي و أفتخر

    cutest girl ever I wish your with me right now in Saudi smoking حشيش 🙂 

  • 2700diesel

    She is a cute lil stoner

  • MegaSayitlikeitis

    Fuck! That laugh at the end. I’m pretty sure every fucken stoner giggled
    with her… :D

  • Karl Benjamin

    Cute ass

  • Jasmine Latham

    Damn I see you grabbed the pan out the oven without anything on your hands
    did you burn yourself. 

  • skate aholics


  • Stoner Corp

    lol she cute thoo and chill af

  • Donte Reynolds

    i love this chick!!!!

  • Numb Nerves

    Awesome she so chill love her !

  • lisa fedef

    She is so adorable!!! 

  • widmeiser

    wash your hair

  • bbollie

    This bitch is really fucked up!

  • Marcus Davis

    Shes high AS FUCK!

  • EmeraldEmpires


    She’s Tommy from The Room