Stoned Kids

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medical marijuana on dr oz interesting show.
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  • PrismNZ

    Guys I am only 14 and have had chemo + radiation and they are toxic, but
    not completely I have no side effects to date, I can play sports just as
    usual. The marajuana is used to treat the things like vomiting and feeling
    sick because of chemo not to actually fight the bad cells.

  • Kitty Meekins

    Please, throw off the fears that surround Cannabis! Those who wish to
    imprison and punish do not want you to know of its goodness. They want it
    suppressed in order to turn us to their chemical industries and to war and
    alcoholic drinks. It is not harmful! It is the finest herb on the planet
    and they are suppressing it for various self-serving reasons. Read “The
    Emperor Wears No Clothes”. It will open your eyes to the evil manipulations
    of our own government. They are ruining lives around the world to enslave
    them to work for corporations.They will never invest in or legitimize it
    because it will bring down their curtain of fear and control. Stop waiting
    for some lab in the sky to bring it to you in a pill bottle. Another tactic
    to keep people afraid! It is not Opium, it is the finest plant in the
    Kingdom! Stop pussy-footing around while folks are in prison over it…and
    even Opium, too, no prison work-farm time for these things! They make
    billions and enslave us to their pedantic mentality.

  • esalanv

    what about the effect on cognitive function of the child? will this not
    take harmful effect on the development of the child’s brain? There is
    little research articles I have been able to find on this particular
    statement. This is why I am raising the question.

  • Jeane Adix

    Man she is gonna be pretty when she gets older. I feel like we may have all
    been brainwashed about how bad weed is……………………………..

  • zombiescentral1337

    Those are some massive bong hits then for only 10 hits to be 9.4g

  • josh walts

    Honestly the little girl didn’t seem exactly all there.


    The father looks like the Vsauce3 guy.

  • SharpHittr

    lucky ass fuckin kids 

  • GiraffesEatWindmills

    Thanks to marijuana I came up with this username.

  • Kelline Pickett

    Hm, I’m regarding the child’s disposition. She seems rather immature for a
    girl her age. I understand her life hasn’t exactly been on the straight
    path to young womanhood so far, but she does seem to be less mature than
    even a spoiled child should be. Lots of baby talk, lots of attention
    getting. I would be very interested to know if this is just due to the
    constant attention she has to get for her condition or if her brain is
    being stunted in any way.

  • Eric Rocha

    ok Im a major stoner and I dont find this appropriate at all. Giving weed
    to a child is no different than giving a cigarette or beer. Its not funny
    at all just disappointing if not depressing to watch. For anyone who says
    it isnt should look at where their morality stands.

  • Wilddoggz

    Medical Marijuana is a gift from God. It helps kill cancer cells, doesnt
    harm your body in any way, makes you relax, eat, sleep and kills pain. If
    anyone thinks that weed is bad for you is ignorant 

  • Fr33d0mF1ght3r5

    To all the people who decry cannabis as a treatment for cancer in
    children… consider this: radiation and chemotherapy are literally TOXIC,
    and can actually kill the patient in many cases. Not to mention that taking
    these drugs increases your lifetime risk of MORE cancer by a fuck ton.
    Marijuana has NEVER killed anyone (excluding cases of people getting high
    and jumping off a balcony or something), and it is remarkably NONTOXIC,
    especially since this girl is taking oil and edibles and not smoking it.
    Long story short, if cannabis can work sometimes on childhood cancer, it
    SHOULD be used over the ineffective poisons that are radiation and

  • daironification

    Can’t wait until it goes legal everywhere :)!!

  • Sativa Smoker

    She acts precious because she’s high!

  • ThePurpleCheeseGaming

    what the fuck?!?!

  • Roman Bellic

    They only give her cannabis because she was miserable with her life before
    when she wouldn’t eat or anything. It’s just drugging the kid up to be
    someone that it’s not. Now she’s gonna be some rebel against the government
    living in a dirty hovel surrounded with tin-foil and peace posters littered
    on the walls.

  • Toily

    I’m not sure why it’s such a bad thing if it’s saving people. Though, I
    don’t think it’s necessarily a good thing either, though, if it’s not being
    used for treating medical conditions.

  • TomaloTube

    If you think cannabis is the cure for cancer, you are extremely ignorant,
    and likely a stoner.

    It’s used to induce a feeling of well-being, both emotionally and
    physically. It helps you get through the symptoms. Chemo, radio, etc. are
    all fairly dangerous treatments, but understand that depending on the type
    of cancer, it might never go into remission naturally.

    Cannabis likely has less risks than morphine, but again, when taken for
    medical reasons like in this case, it should be administered in a safe way.
    It shouldn’t be an excuse to “blaze up, man.” 

  • 4cellar2door0

    5:19 “watch the color of this as I pour it, it should be a real reddish

    *proceeds to pour the greenest liquid I’ve ever seen*

  • NightChime

    It sounds to me like chemotherapy does most of the cancer-killing work, and
    cannabis/THC does a great job in helping patients recover from the adverse
    effects of chemotherapy. I seriously doubt that using THC as the only
    means of treatment can cure cancer.

  • Helvetica Neue

    Chemotherepy is what kills cancer, Marijuana is what makes the chemo more

    Cannabis isn’t some miracle drug like some hippies want you to believe.
    Science isn’t a conspiracy, it’s testable proof that can be repeated with
    the same result. Anecdotal evidence isn’t evidence, for every story about
    how pot cures cancer I’m sure there’s another about how getting stung by
    bees cures cancer or how prayer cures cancer. 

  • Thomas de Graff

    Hah! That guy from UF compared weed to an addictive/deadly opiate!

  • ReCkLeSsErr0r

    Really now? Anxiety disorder shouldnt be allowed for prescriptions because
    of abuse? Oh i am sorry a few bad apples is evidence that everyone with
    anxiety disorder is supposedly addicted to pot when they get a prescription
    for that? Does that also count for my tourette syndrome, ocd, insomnia and
    depression too? I have been a medical marijuana patient of health canada
    for 3 years. And i have not once been addicted to the plant.we here in
    canada have a federal medical marijuana program that states anxiety and
    depression are accepted disorders for medical marihuana according to health
    canada. Our medical marihuana program has more research on this subject on
    the US so they are quite misinformed. For crying out loud the us government
    actually tried to hide their federal medical cannabis program when the u of
    Mississippi was doing the project for the government. Our government didnt
    have to hide it, why did they? Because of the stigma, conservative bias
    views and the fact that many dangerous pharma pills can be replaced with
    cannabis thus destroying a good portion of pharmaceutical companies and the
    relationship between them and the feds. 

  • ryan ortiz

    If I was there I would have popped tht loud mouth mother fuker in the face.
    You dnt like weed to fukin bad. Worry bout your own life. If you don’t like
    it don’t use it simple as tht. Pussy ass bitch

  • Devin Brooks

    Did that guy actually defend Tobacco over Medical usage of Marijuana?
    Should I even bring up the deaths from smoking cigarettes as opposed to
    Marijuana or is that common knowledge that this guy seems to lack? I don’t
    even understand why there is a debate taking place over Medical Marijuana.
    I mean sure it makes sense when you get into recreational usages but not
    medicinal. People are getting relief for their diseases through something
    that is completely natural without any side effects and no, they are not
    becoming addicted. I think people see Medical Marijuana as a threat to big
    pharmaceutical companies making varieties of pills to treat the same things
    that marijuana is capable of treating because of the many side-effects that
    these pills can create. Since marijuana does not have any real, threatening
    side-effects (it makes you hungry, somewhat tired, get real), it can and
    WILL take up a big portion of this billion dollar industry that the
    pharmaceutical companies seem to have all to themselves. Also, please do
    not go down the road of saying that making marijuana legal for medicinal
    usage will make it more available in schools… that’s just stupid. If the
    government was really concerned about making marijuana less available in
    schools and to children, they would regulate it and not have other CHILDREN
    and young adults selling it to other children and young adults. It doesn’t
    make any sense to allow such a system to go on when it would be incredibly
    easy to regulate who can buy marijuana, who can grow marijuana, and who’s
    allowed to possess marijuana. 

  • Joshua Halay

    The ironic thing about the whole issue is that the people who are the
    staunchest adversaries of marijuana are the people who would benefit the
    most from it’s educated application, while it’s biggest proponents could
    probably benefit from a little abstinence.

  • Jonathan Johnson

    Some of the people that were on this show that were “anti-marijuana”
    honestly didn’t do a good job of it. They were saying that they are FDA
    approved drugs and procedures that will help. Do they honestly think that
    we believe all things “FDA approved” are good for us? That’s like saying
    that because we can get McDonald’s, it surely is healthy!! And the guy
    talking about New Jersey saying “we don’t want people to think Marijuana is
    good and that these FDA approved methods aren’t” is stupid as hell too.
    Unless you are an idiot, you aren’t going to tell your doctor “I don’t need
    chemo, I got weed!!!!” Or tell your doctor that all you need is Weed.

    I’ve never been a fan of recreational smoking (though to each his own, and
    if you can smoke cigs then why the hell can’t you smoke weed?), but it’s
    just plain stupid (as a lot of the people on this show were doing) to “toss
    it aside for medical purposes” because there is no data on it. There isn’t
    much data because it’s Illegal and we are too blind to actually research
    the shit.

    I wish Dr. Oz had people on the show who could actually defend the stance
    of keeping it illegal. This whole show was one-sided. I saw once again that
    there is no reason for it to be illegal, and I feel bad for those who
    actually think it’s more harmful then “FDA approved drugs”

  • MusbCrazy80

    I can’t fucking wait for the time when pot has been legal for years and the
    dumb masses final see all the lies and fear mongering they got suckered by.


  • Matthew Cunningham

    When you look at Nixon’s own Shaffer report that he refused to except the
    truth and we have this.
    On August 14, 1970, the Assistant Secretary of Health, Dr. Roger O. Egeberg
    wrote a letter recommending the plant, marijuana, be classified as a
    schedule 1 substance, and it has remained that way for nearly 45 years. My
    research started with a careful reading of that decades old letter. What I
    found was unsettling. Egeberg had carefully chosen his words:
    “Since there is still a considerable void in our knowledge of the plant and
    effects of the active drug contained in it, our recommendation is that
    marijuana be retained within schedule 1 at least until the completion of
    certain studies now underway to resolve the issue.”
    Not because of sound science, but because of its absence, marijuana was
    classified as a schedule 1 substance. Again, the year was 1970. Egeberg
    mentions studies that are underway, but many were never completed. As my
    investigation continued, however, I realized Egeberg did in fact have
    important research already available to him, some of it from more than 25
    years earlier.

  • Christine Barclay

    Did you know there is a new MLM company about to release up to 70 Hemp
    Products – Free to join pre-launch. May this help bring awareness and laws
    changed. But currently only
    in the USA. Hugs Christine

  • ladygagagal123

    fuck everybody. Legalize it