Spin Bowl Leaf Trimmer M-6000S Trim Cannabis Easy

Spin Bowl Leaf Trimmer M-6000S Trim Cannabis Easy

I made this video awhile back but had to take it down to due legality issues, I finally edited the original video removing the drama, now its back and here t…


  • Drew Grow

    Nice! I would let them semi-dry than do a touch up by hand. What is used
    to clean the machine Alcohol?. I am thinking how gummed up your scissors
    can get

  • Steven Hornberger

    dude u no how much thc u are waisting with that pos. go back to old school
    fuck that pos

  • ArizonaMMJ

    Dude i bought this one and the iPower one off Amazon. The ipower one is
    total SHIT. Did’nt make it through 2lbs of trimming before the thing
    started falling apart.

    This one is the ticket. Works great.

  • MacFyben

    many trichromes died in the making of this video

  • Frostyboy420

    Can you grow weed with none of that fancy shit? Like just plant the bitch
    like a normal flower? I don’t care if it’s the bunkest weed ever would it
    be smoke able? 

  • shaun anderson

    can i buy at local store such as walmart or do i have to order?

  • jessica moreno

    Were did u get that awesome contraption, my friend?

  • Tommy Dreamer

    Joe rogan

  • victor gonzalez

    lmao EDWARD SCISSOR HANDS ahahahaha damn im stoned

  • Frank Dangler

    Happy as fuck with your new toy saan pvp 


    yes. trichomes are being knocked off… obviously. but, they are landing in
    the BOWL, man!! you haven’t lost anything. relax. -plus,.. the trichomes
    that will get knocked off are on the outer-most layer of the bud. look
    1/2mm under the surface, and the trichomes are still there. (the
    overwhelming majority are at least…-95% or more still there) yes,…my
    hands were bleeding from trimming for 10+ hours trying to get finished. i’m
    getting one of these for sure. makes the whole procedure go faster which
    makes me feel safer. im guessing that the buds have to be graded by size
    afterwards and dried in lots according to size for uniform dryness/dry
    time. no bfd in my book, always left with tons of wayward buds with no
    way to hang them,.. I have to grade those,.. so why not grade them all?? I
    saved 50+ hours trimming,.. I can spare 2 hours grading. plus,.. now you
    can show off a mega sack of giant, uniform size buds. trust me,.. that
    looks amazing in a gallon Ziploc. makes it look like somebody knew what
    they were doing.

  • Justin Harrell

    I would rather do it by hand. I love handling weed just like i love
    handling money.

  • Stephen Wonder

    I still prefer my PRO 420 scissors to these machines, but I understand when
    you have a massive amount and more demand then supply, you have to get on
    with it.