Some of the World`s finest Cannabis strains RELOADED

“Pimp my weed” – The original ‘Some of the World`s finest Cannabis strains’ vid from 09 now in full HD- pimped, remastered, and reloaded. RElegalize.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

After implementing our new Cannabis Cup scoring system in April 2011 – which utilizes lab testing as part of the equation – and after four trial runs in citi…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • ManBitch

    Just cant beat white widow :P

  • Troy Williams

    im a big toker

  • Hemp Oil

    Did they make mention of the Rainbow kush? I usually get my best from (631)
    606-3320. It was hard finding strains until i got a hole of them

  • Red Lion

    The science conducted disagrees with you 🙂

  • Chrischibo

    2:56 The little left one looks like a rose 🙂

  • optikfiber

    Favorite! ♥☺

  • Murad Huseynov

    the crystal looks bomb others look pretty good

  • sean g

    You shouldnt be watching this if you think Marijuana will do any of that.

  • Kunt hole

    buds have little alien worlds on them. :O

  • Matthias Marczyk

    Leaglisiert das doch endlich !! Das kann nicht sein, dass in einigen
    Bundesstaaten von Amerika, Cannabis legalisiert bzw entkiminalisiert wird.
    Ich mache Schule, und durch Cannabis rauchen, kann ich einfach besser
    lernen und behalte mir alles. Alkohol sollte verboten werden , nicht
    Cannabis !! Kommt schon Leute, gibt euch ein Ruck und gibt das HANF frei !!
    Greetings from germany

  • no viewers

    why i dont find this vid earlyer

  • xXDjBlareXx

    and your other little friends.

  • firebirdcas

    I am actually lean, but that is expected when you exercise twice a day..

  • James Clegg

    I came atleast 5 times!


    fabulous weed! jack herer and co.

  • Namo Shanti

    Master kush <3

  • pimmel schimmel

    Zero Zero isn’t one of the Worlds finest Cannabis strains.

  • xXDjBlareXx

    go away u stupid fucking cop…

  • hals brücke

    schönes video….

  • Red Lion

    What science? Pulmonary researcher Donald Tashkin already conducted the
    biggest study of its kind. He tested heavy cannabis users who smoked daily.
    ”marihuana smoker is at a higher risk of cancer than a tabacco smoker.”
    This is complete bullshit, and simply goes against the science conducted.
    Educate yourself and seek Donald Tashkins study on cannabis smoke and
    cancer before you comment on subjects you dont know about.

  • Nick T

    lol fat dumb fuck

  • apopper12


  • Drogenlabor


  • robotxul

    I waited til the word crystal appeared at 4:20 then blamo marijuana a a a a

  • RatDog67

    I saw a documentary and an ANTI weed dude takes out some decent looking
    nugs and claims over 30% THC, lol, I think he said 38%. Has anyone actually
    seen a strain testing over 30%?

  • MegaTregg

    I would rather focus on taste/aroma even if it means a lesser THC content.
    It’s still gonna be strong by today’s standards. It’s like drinking
    Everclear 200 proof alcohol. It’s not necessary and why would you want

  • RatDog67

    I dig the higher strains and concentrates. 1st of all you can smoke way
    less if desired. 2nd you can still find the ANY strain you want or need.
    and C) I LOVE tripping on weed. No need for costly shrooms or taking LSD
    that some 12th grader made in his mothers basement… Side note. A few
    years back I found medical grade, injectable DMT. It was a gift from a very
    dear friend that many of us may know. That being stated, my need to trip
    has lessened, yet I still enjoy a journey from time to time. My 20 plus
    strains and 70% plus concentrates always seem to do the trick. NO MORE
    PAIN. NO MORE PAIN ASSOCIATED DEPRESSION and a host of other bennies it
    would take 2 long to mention. WEED SAVED MY LIFE!

  • Anthony Cotto

    What they know about, all this is legal shit any real smokers that have
    been in the game for more than 15 years will tell u that different buds
    have gone all the way up to 40’s me personally ive seen 45 before u can
    only find this with scientifical growers for ex the green house that used
    to be around in LA famous for 20 years til it shut down had 40’s & 30’s me
    personally ive only had 30’s but unfortunately never got to experience a 40
    but yea in the legal world of weed this is top & don’t get me wrong its
    good but not the highest

  • tryburtsbeesable

    Song is by : Thievery Corporation, very good band.

  • jeremy wade

    you could find the same strenghth 40 years ago colubian gold ect.. the
    srenth of weed hasnt changed that much but the availability of stronger
    weed has risen besides .01% THC weed is just as safe as 99.99% weed

  • Pero Peric

    2014 strongest strains pls ???

  • TB

    Growing it indoors with them lamps means
    As if you grow tomatoes under lamps 


    The stronger the better.!.
    Means u put less in a zoot so more healthy.

  • JEvon michaels

    yo that banana kush looks so smokable wow

  • huso0w7

    Name of the song?

  • davie l

    bubble weed???????????????

  • Adrian Obina

    I tried blue dream not that strong 

  • Jon Sherman

    After watching that I have to think the growers have a lot to do with the

  • Jely Tots

    lolol, towards the end of 2012 i was smoking Fat Albert, Bubba Kush, Sour
    Diesel/Kush hybrids, Master kushes with 20-32% thc content, the most being
    the bubba,
    At one point I cured the Bubba in a jar, about an ounce of it for 3 months,
    when I opened the jar it was still sticky, not even dry
    When you bud bust it and go to roll it, its like wet moss, basically rolls

    The tastes, generally with the Fat Albert and Bubba/mystery sours you get a
    fruity pebble or a sweet cologne flavour. Most enjoyable highs also

  • Patrick Sonnenburg

    never had any of those.. Oregon grows the BEST

  • Firstname Lastname

    My thing is~

    How is this drug not legal yet?

    I mean think about it, its just really dumb that its not legal. Now
    obviously too much can cause brain damage and issues. But that can go down
    to the old saying of “its use not abuse”. Such as with alcohol, too much
    you get liver cancer / your brain is melted in parts, but, on the other
    hand, a little bit will help with digestion and from what ive heard, has
    cancer fighting agents.

    So how / why is weed still illegal and how come the american people put up
    with this system which creates fear & scare tatics against a friendly
    earthly herb which is readily available by nature. I mean if you look at
    it, its just asking to be grabbed off the tree and thrown in your mouth, no
    need to really even have to smoke it, just eat it, it looks delicous. Not
    only that, its proven to help with neuro-transmitters inside people’s brain
    and help brain growth not too mention that “hemp oil” which im assuming
    cannibis has oil inside of it. Is like the healthiest oil for the human
    body, being better in every way then fish oil ~ Which I may add, helps
    promote brain growth So thus, ~ Weed in certain doses im sure helps promote
    brain growth as well. Stretching my point of its use not abuse further…

    I would go to same to argue with the coke leaves that the mayans used to
    chew on. Sadly its refined down into the powder form which you can overdose
    on / cna have a-lot of negative side effects. But then again, use not
    abuse, I would like to see a study to see if it helps and is beneficial to
    the body to consume it in small quantities. And if so, then why isn’t that
    legal as well.. Why is any of this shit illegal?

  • tristan rolle


  • davie l

    warlock 28%thc

  • Alex Santa


  • Nicholas Caruso
  • bebbeq åberg


  • Vivek Kapri

    the song sounds a lot like Anoushka Shankar’s Slither. . huhhh

  • RealityContradiction

    Oooooh .. time to smoke now !! 

  • younghundead

    strongest isn’t og gt haze, it is tutanchamun wich is 33%