Smoking Weed Has No Negative Effect On Health | The Rubin Report

According to U.S. researchers, marijuana has no negative effects on human health. They that determined that the weed users they studied were no more likely t…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • Phil Davis

    Via +matt vovakiss
    *Many need to re-think their opposition to marijuana.*

  • matt vovakiss

    According to U.S. researchers, marijuana has no negative effects on human
    health. They that determined that the weed users they studied were no more
    likely to go see the doctor than non-drug consumers.

    Researchers from the Boston Medical Center and the Boston University School
    of Medicine randomly sampled patients who tested positive for marijuana to
    see if the marijuana-use had any impact on their health. They found that
    there’s no difference between people who smoke cannabis daily and those who
    do not.

    Should this study come as a surprise, or are people finally beginning to
    come around on weed?

  • nick42701

    +VanillaSnake21 First off, to answer your question about TYT posing the
    statement that smoking cannibus is completely harmless, TYT never suggested
    such a thing, it was the Boston Medical Center that published those
    findings in a peer reviewed report they wrote, and TYT relayed that report
    to their watchers/listeners. Now I’m not sure I completely buy this,
    because obviously it was a short term study. I don’t really know of any
    objective long term studies published that have to do with the possible
    negative effects of prolonged cannibus use. I do believe that prolonged use
    could cause slight short term memory loss, but that is just speculation.
    However, as far as I know, abuse of anything for prolonged periods of times
    is never good, no matter what it is. Cannibus, compared to all other drugs
    however, is obviously the safest.

  • Kai Robo

    i smoked weed 10 years ago for half a year. started to have mental
    problems instantly.(phobias, paranoia, deppression, etc) maybe related
    maybe not

    then 6 months ago i tried it again, because i quit smoking, and i thought
    maybe a ganja cigarette or two a day would be healthier.
    smoked it pure(first time pure) and had the worst trip of my life for 3
    hours. i wanted to die real bad because it felt like my whole boddy hurt
    like never before. and i felt like i was going crazy. even wanted to call
    help(but ambulance = police, so…)

    i will never try that stuff again. and after that trip and said mental
    problems, i prefer if it stays illegal.

  • charles haas

    I do not want them to make a pharma weed pill, they are too shady and it is
    gunna be a bad thing

  • Gavrane1

    First of all like everything in the world also marihuana can hurt you in
    some way if you over use it for example everyday 5 times a day i dont think
    this is ok BUT .. I smoked weed 4 times a month and I was not sick for long
    time it help my depression .. when i stop i never fell like on other stuff
    that need of smoking it … Was not addictate and i smoke it for like years
    .. now I use marihuana oil marihuana flour and there is no negative effects
    if something its positive .. Marihuana legalize it !

  • Nathan Hannan

    Prohibition of any drug doesn’t work, I think all drugs should be legal,
    simply because banning something doesn’t do jack shit, people that get
    hooked on drugs need medical help, not a jail cell.

  • ClassifiE.D.

    This is bullshit. I’m sure people who smoke cigarettes don’t usually go to
    the hospital more either, except maybe once they get cancer. Since when
    does not going to the emergency more (and in what time interval?) equate to
    ‘no negative health consequences’. This is just propaganda that promotes
    the idea that weed is ‘not bad for you in any way, hell its even good for
    you’. To me this kind of thinking is on the same level as gun nuts who
    think the world would be safer if everyone had firearms. Its insanity.

    Just to be clear I am for decriminalization and/or legalization, but that
    in no way means I’m for ignoring facts and being deceptive about reality to
    promote a cause. Weed is good for you in some ways and bad for you in
    others, to completely ignore one is to ignore reality which is exactly what
    both extreme sides of the debate do..

  • Aubrey De Bliquy

    LOL Well I am almost 62 years old. I have been smoking Cannabis for 45
    years, but I would argue that I am not geriatric, paranoid or misinformed.
    LOL Cannabis prohibition is evil because it kills people for a victimless
    crime by denying them the life saving benefits of a natural miracle herb
    that was prescribed by Moses as a principle ingredient in the “Holy
    anointing oil”. See Exodus 30:22-23 depending on the translation it refers
    to “sweet calamus” or “fragrant cane”. A German etymology expert discovered
    in 1936 that the word “sweet calamus” had the same root as the Hebrew word
    for cannabis, and this was confirmed by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
    in 1980. recently the Christian church of Marijuana (LOL) was granted
    judgement in the Canadian Supreme court against police who confiscated and
    destroyed their stash of holy Cannabis and ordered to pay back the cost of
    replacing their sacred weed. LOL

  • VanillaSnake21

    What wild propaganda, MJ is not completely harmless, it doesnt result in
    more emergency room visits obviously but why are they posing it as
    completely normal and has *zero* negative health effects. Sometimes I just
    don’t get TYT, they want to be so liberal and think its cool to praise mj
    at every chance they get, while I guarantee that neither Cenk, Ana, or any
    of these 3 smoke much if at all.

  • rainbow1851

    Hmm SMOKING yeah not bad at all…

  • MrDioXIII

    I am not particularly interested in this debate nor do I really care if it
    does get legalised or not, but I’m pretty damn sure that there is some
    negative effect from smoking weed. You are inhaling smoke, which is not
    good for anyone, and it contains chemicals, such as “nitrosamines, reactive
    aldehydes, and polycylic hydrocarbons, including benz[a]pyrene”, which are
    linked to carcinogens, or cancer causing agents. To me, it puts it in the
    similar line as cigarettes (which I am against the usage of).

    If it gets legalised, and medically helps people, then thats great! If not,
    then life continues as normal. I do however, wonder why people are so
    strongly for weed? Is it really because it has these benefits, and is
    better for the community, or is it because they want to smoke some without
    possible prosecution and whether or not those same people in support of it
    are in favour the smoking of cigarettes? 

  • jose181886

    Help! I have wanted to experiment with marijuana for quite a while now, but
    i’ve have always heard that is is bad for you, that it destroys your lungs,
    fryes your brain, ect. And I don’t know whether to believe those researchs
    or not as most of the are finnanced by the US, very likely for
    political/economical reasons.
    Anyway my question is, have any of you, actual cannabis users, had
    experienced any serious side effects from it (other than smiling when
    nothing is funny)? Is it addictive? If so how addictive when compared to
    alcohol? Will it negatively affect my academical performance? What if I
    simply use it on occasion, as in a couple times a month at most?
    Thanks in advance, anh advice/response will be greatly appreciated. 

  • Anthony Kelly

    To be honest using any drug is basically a substance that isn’t native to
    the body and wether the enhancements provide negative or positive effects,
    in the long run substances like weed aren’t good for you. I use marijuana
    for recreational use and I would say using papers is obviously harmful to
    the lungs because of the increased risk of a cancer cell developing, but
    also generally when the THC molecule comes into contact with your receptors
    I wouldn’t say its helping your brain so I think weed isn’t good for you. I
    hope one day scientifically, that they can prove to me that marijuana use
    actually is good for you in everyday possible but until then I find it
    highly doubtful,

  • JagdActor1

    Sorry, but even as a supporter of marijuana I find the results of this new
    report to be false. For example, smoking dope causes lung damage the same
    as cigaretes do. It’s just common knoledge. So how can credible sourses
    like the universities who made that report think there are NO health risks
    at all? 

  • Karl Slicher

    It does have effects but far less than many legal products on sale. Look at
    guns, guns are the worst products for public health and the US has more of
    them than people.

  • Sir J, X-pert

    Marijuana is safe for you ONLY if it was grown and taken care of properly.

  • Michael Ehline

    Via +matt vovakiss
    *Many need to re-think their opposition to marijuana.*

  • Tyler Caudill

    Why is it that this seems to be a black-and-white debate. Either smoking
    weed is the least dangerous thing you can possibly do or it’s the worst
    thing you can do and blah blah blah.

    Guys, weed, like a lot things, is a gray area. And as someone who enjoys
    partaking of the herb every so often, I stand in the middle. I stand in the
    “I know it might be bad for me, but fuck, it’s not going to make me drop
    dead on the spot or make me murder my family with an ax” position.

    I’m not going to sit here and pretend I’m a scientist or a researcher and
    claim that I know all this shit (for good or bad) from whatever I’ve read
    on the Internet like 95% of this comment section. I’m just going to say “Do
    it, just don’t get carried away.” Everything in moderation, people. Yes, I
    do think it should be legal and I support legalization, but I’m not going
    to pretend that it’s 100% harmless, because I doubt that’s the case.

    Still, I think smoking weed is a much better alternative than alcohol if
    you want to party of just relax after a week at work. That’s just a
    preference on my part, though.

  • Legendary

    Because its an herb you people have been mislead you can do your own
    studies this herb cures alot of diseases especially alot of cancers, brain
    tumors, parkinson disease and it helps maintain seziures in children the
    cannibis is giving to them to place underneath their tongues to help
    epilisepy it calms them down no more than a grain of a rice drop. You need
    to do your own research this lady after they legalized it in california she
    went to the shop and bought her some hash oil for her old man he has
    parkinson she placed some on his pancakes after he digested it in 45
    mintues he was calm as a mouse these cancer centers around the world tries
    to stay in bussiness trying to get you to fund raise cancer cures those
    idiots know that marijuana cures cancer they are not going to tell you that
    they have been de frauding people for many years its their job to keep the
    centers open they are making money off you idiots that don’t want to
    legalize it many of our families would be alive today but these idiots out
    here don’t want to legalize it because they know when its legal they are
    going to be broke. Richard Nixon placed a scare tactic in 1972 saying it
    fried the brain it causes lung cancer it does no such thing it fries the
    brains abnormal cells not the normal cells people with liver cancer they go
    to a doctor that doctor takes and does surgery on you and starts cutting on
    that liver it start spreading eating you up inside if you had that cannibis
    oil take it 1 drop a day no more than a grain of a rice drop it would cure
    it up and you would still have your liver same as any other thing it
    shrinks tumors in about 3 months as directed by doing this 1 drop a day.
    You can smoke it eat it or whatever cannibis oil helps a ton if you would
    use it for the right reason. It would help save lives they done a 2 year
    study on this matter and they found out what it would do and they made it
    illegal because they are making billions of dollars each year over idiots
    just like you that still keeps it illegal because you have been mislead in
    alot of things in life you listen to a man that doesn’t know squat what he
    is saying they lied to you from the beginning to keep you from knowing what
    it does They need to make chemo illegal it is pure poison and 2 out of 10
    patients live through it after they are bald and weak nothing to really
    live for after they went through all the hell and money they spent to take
    that radation and that little leaf that all you heathens out here are
    afraid of cures it all it has no effect on your health if you did smoke
    alot of it all it would do is make you sleep and after you get up in the
    morning your back to normal just like any other normal human being.
    Listening to idiots out here brainwashing it in your head saying it kills
    its not killed no one yet name one person. Only way it would killed you is
    it being fake pot or someone laced a high powered drug in it to rock your
    world but it straight out of the ground no it doesn’t hurt no one. People
    that uses it for the right reasons instead of smokeing a bucket of it, it
    would help those that are needing something to calm them down no one tells
    us to go smoke it until our eyes are peeled shut sure you do that your
    going to have depressions phobia’s all the rest you misabused it for the
    wrong reasons but useing it for the right reasons it would help those that
    are in desprate need for it.

  • tmmy godett

    i live in NH…you can get 1 year in prison for a single marijuana
    cigarrette. They want to decriminalize (still illegal but no jail time) it
    but the republicans don’t want to.

  • PandaBlocksFTW

    are they going to legalise it in UK or not

  • Korky Da Cat

    If this idiot had a spliff it would prevent him from talking so much shit

  • Half Epic

    Guys never smoke the marijuanas. My friend Becky tried it at a party and
    overdosed right away. Please stay away from this dangerous drug and do what
    Becky couldn’t. 

  • beyondtehclouds

    Dope heads are the most annoying, impulsive, negative, trashy people
    around. Only thing worse is a boozer. A boozer is just a waste of space.
    Same with a dope head.

  • Jeremy Notatweaker

    Guy’s not talking shit and is neutral on the topic. All he’s saying
    throughout this whole video is that “Psychoactive drugs/marijuana depends
    on the individual and individual perception”

  • samann95014

    100% agree.

  • TheDemonicSoda

    Reefer madness was like being drunk. It shook everyone into thinking false
    stages and the phase stills rocks our world today. But the thing is were
    just getting over the hangover of reefer madness and sooner or later we
    will all see how harmless it really is

  • SakkiAddo

    Uhm… What about sativa and indica? He described sativa but not indica and
    he knows nothing about what he’s saying!

  • MastaUniverse5608

    Wtf is everyone’s problem about pot like I know alot of successful that
    smoke and there not fucking bad people like grow the fuck up damn 

  • Zakary Roofner

    Hey jackass I thought you said it was discovered in 64′?

  • GamerLord1650

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    of strains and marijuana use links to other websites and all sorts of
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  • CABasque

    BS bias opinion

  • Centration

    @Sigmund Freud Ofcourse, that’s perfectly logical. Which government would
    like more money from taxes now, right?

  • Anthony Martinez

    u big little arabian bastard! marijuana dont commit homocides its fuckin
    little weird pricks like you! MARIJUANA IS THE CURE! FUCK THE LIENG

  • Mitch C

    i used this video in a presentation in my psyc class and got a 100%, thanks

  • chris Resendiz

    I smoke everyday , and no problems what so ever , people who think you can
    overdose must be stupid as fuck

  • Sigmund Ramsbottom

    and patients.. ehh people 2:50