Smoking the best weed in town

Marijuana Man Smokes the Some amazing weed one hit wonder stuff…. You can follow Marijuana Man on facebook at


LINK FOR NEW VIDEO Song: Wiz Khalifa – O.N.I.F.C. link to song – this i…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • Rob Williamson

    Is it better than the Dr.grinspon from Holland?

  • C James

    Yeah dude you needa stop smoking weed.

  • JakesaHater
  • jordan marquardt

    You single handedly make weed smokers look bad

  • Tea Berries

    How does he get away with this without getting busted by the cops? 

  • Frankie

    hey marijuana man where can i get one of those torch lighters??

  • lifeNstuff13



    when i think this is wat i cud be like in 25 yrs it makes me wana stop xD


    lol this is the guy that got robbed!!

  • Calvin Laudrensio

    You will get yourself killed if you keep doing that

  • iAppleR3vi3wz

    ….first bong hit of the day and ur acting like that…. Nigga make sure
    that shit is weed…

  • Natsuki8000

    Ha he passed out at the end of the video wow thats why i love weed unlike
    alcohol weed cant kill you.If you drink to much then you die if you smoke
    to much you pass out. XD

  • ash polish

    Dude you need help

  • john j

    i think i got high through the video.. 0.o

  • Kyle Hiatt

    Why t f am I still watching this??

  • Damian Groehlich

    Sad thing is that in EU we will never end up with prohibition, because EU
    weed smokers are to lazy to just send support online here 🙁
    Lazy fucks!

  • christopher mikalsen

    fuck this guy.

  • Kyle Hiatt



    Love it! 

  • stableboy420


  • Jon Jrl

    White widow I bought some of that once and it was the best I’ve ever had.

  • beans rabba

    LMFAO WHEN I SAW BLUE DREAM I LOLD. My friends thought we were getting
    hooked up with blue dream. I’m glad I didn’t waste 40 bucks on fake shit. 

  • RatDog67

    Any info on indica-sativa percentages in the Blue Dream? By far this is my
    all around favorite except for sleep. Who wants to sleep with such a
    beautiful mind high. Very hypnotic, with hallucinogenic overtones. In my
    experience this strain is an amazing EYE OPENER. Thought process jumps into
    overdrive. Helps with my parenting skills. Explaining life to a 17yo girl
    and a 13yo boy is very difficult when adjusting back and forth. NO! I don’t
    need weed to parent. it just helps 

  • Jordan May

    I had a cross-breed of Kryptonite, and Sour Diesel. Ass kicker

  • Blake S

    Absalon Henry, kush is a strain that originated from California, not a
    slang word for weed. So you mean to tell me that only the kush strain of
    marijuana will be legal in Switzerland and no other strains?

  • David Smith

    God creates man.
    Man creates hate.
    God creates plant.
    Plant destroys hate.

  • SmokdErmac A

    No skunk, chronic, raskali kush? Nice choices though..

  • Sylvie Tessier

    States weed Aint no good come down in Canada you’ll see Kush showing me
    that regular

  • Tristan Gles

    I knew there would be a wiz khalifa song in the background. So predictable.

  • mrskyler44

    i fapped

  • JordI Martinez

    Ooohhhhhhhhhoohoh Im gonna use that

  • SlowProVlogs

    I’ve had blue cheese granddaddy purp blue dream and sour diesel and I’m 13
    started at 11

  • Doeboy Fresh

    I’ve had all these except;
    Purple Haze

    Other than that… I’ve even seen better bud for some of the same strains.
    I’ve seen some bomb GDP from Cali.

  • NE ? NacDonalds° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    you can tell if ur friends r acting stoned if u buy some weak shit like
    ammo skunk

  • Steveny

    Love the song

  • Gonzo

    God created weed.
    Man created alcohol.
    In God we trust.

  • Tony malia

    No durbin poison or sunset sherbert or girl scout cookies!

  • David James

    music is really sucks

  • barkingspider056


  • Paul Wesst

    The back ground sound of trash f..k just confirms in the mind of people
    that demonize the plant. The video is much better without sound.

  • Adam Krager

    Best strain in Cali right now is Fartknocker frost. Insane!

  • dan stanhope

    Ak is pretty good depends on the grower.if he knows what he is doing but i
    know better strains

  • Jon Sherman

    I think the Mango Kush sucks, we get it all the time. I swear to god they
    add and additive to it for smell but maybe not.