Smoking and its effects on Health – Stop today!

An animation designed for use with health workers and the public, describing the health effects and risks of smoking and promoting smoking cessation. Smoking…

1)Every year hundreds of thousands of people around the world die from diseases caused by smoking cigarettes – Smoking KILLS. 2)One in two lifetime smokers w…
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  • Haroun Sakka

    hey please i want the texte now please

  • Étoile Best

    may I have the text of this video so i can translate some words that i
    didn’t undrstood ?

  • Pichounator

    0:37 Each was highly successful while they were alive. Life is to be
    enjoyed, not misered (and miser is a noun, but I like to verb nouns).

  • Indrid Cole

    People who smoke ciggarettes are stupid.

  • Elba Rodrigue

    My aunt smokes

  • Sea Whale

    Why the f did this get 33 thumbs down?? 

  • peter pan

    Ure making someone else rich

  • Arun Singh

    I was a chain smoker for 22 years and recently quit. Despite of all the
    counter arguments anyone gives (that non smokers also get cancer, heart
    attacks etc); my only advice to anyone would be – DON’T SMOKE and if you
    already are a smoker, QUIT now!!!!!

    The only way to do is strong will power. Medicines, patches, gradually
    reducing etc are all crap and one should stop immediately and forever.

    Good luck and God Bless.

  • Marcos Sisamos

    If a kid smokes 1 time

  • dogman12601

    Does somoking e cigs casue the same effects to your heart rate as regular
    cigaretts? I’m assuming yes becuase I know the nicotine constricts blood
    flow, I just wanted a second opinion.

  • Vardhan jain

    Fuck this shit! I’m going to light one up.

  • William Sanders

    This type of media would be SO much more effective if they were just
    honest. While a cup of tar is said to be the quantity taken into the lungs
    by a pack a day for a year, to say or represent the information as being
    the same as pouring that amount of tar into your lungs is just
    misinformation. Yes, it’s a small discrepancy, but when you get right down
    to it, big tobacco and the contributors to American drug-use are a more
    credible info source by abstaining from comment as long as the antidrug and
    tobacco organizations are spewing crap like this.

  • bizkitas


  • Ahmad Malass

    Want to stop! Easy just make your day as busy as possible so you won’t
    think about this horrible poison enjoy :)

  • jonathanlerner13

    i will NEVER smoke that garbage

  • Mohd Hamra

    I cant quit it . . Any advice plzz

  • anonstriker132

    I quit a few days ago, was very easy, feel like a new person already.

  • P – i ・tous Ser ・en ・dip

    Public broadcasting ( NHK ) in Japan has recommended to improve the image
    of the tobacco. Do they have prime time TV program’s a foolishness?
    *RicksonRodrigues1993* : EFFECTS OF SMOKING!!! A must watch video..
    Tobacco smoke also contributes to a number of cancers.

    EFFECTS OF SMOKING!!! A must watch video..

  • Matthew O’Connor

    Now I kinda want some candy cigarettes… YUM!

  • Jordan Mitchell


  • Lesley Thomas


  • xBiOxHAzERDx

    Smoke weed for stress

  • brandon bellmont

    I love smokeing

  • Veeroon Xik


  • Andrei Petunin

    Very annoying when others smoke around you. Feel like punching them in
    their face.

  • damanfrom808

    awesome!!! my dad died from a massive heart attack related to smoking
    cigarettes. he could smoke a pack of cigs a day. he developed emphysema,
    lost one lung and the other was less than 50%, oxygen 24-7. he was a
    healthy young man who developed a bad habbit. smoking should be band
    completely. i smoked from 10-26. i’m 62 now and i’m glad i quit, but i feel
    the effects by being short of breath when excercising. good post!

  • Paul Bottomley

    This may or may not be true, and certainly one of the reasons particularly
    in the UK for the push for people to stop smoking is that it’ll cost the
    NHS significantly less, but if the upshot is a bunch of people who are much
    healthier than they would otherwise be, does it actually matter so much?