Small Indoor Marijuana Grow Room – Nice Setup –

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • CannaHeaven


  • MegaTregg

    some of your leaves are yellow. What do you attribute that to? Some of
    mine have the same.

  • James Wade

    Ur growing style is sick. R they autoflowers ur growing, or u just aim to
    get 1 huge cola per plant?

  • Stephen Parkinson

    Is it just me or are those leaves burned to fuck? I honestly don’t know.

  • Ian Taylor


  • Minei Kiefer

    Aloha Robert,
    How big is that closet? Tons of questions coming your way. How many lights
    and what strength and kind? What is the strain? Ummm lets see. How long in
    veg and how long in flower. More on temps and balances. What nutes eere
    used? I am such a newbie with hydro but I so much want to learn all I can
    and you seem to be the “msm” to ask. Aloha for now

  • Casey Jones

    Holy Chut dude. Those are the baddest plants I have ever seen. Dude you
    got it wired. Thanks for the video. KC

  • Matlock Smithe

    awesome vid. would love to see one like that for a harvest.

  • ottomailin mercado

    what seed is man ?

  • Christine Benavidez

    Omg good bud

  • au69miner

    no doubt about …..good looking stuff….