Skywalker OG Kush Strain Review – SDOWA Medical Marijuana Dispensary San Diego #3 Skywalker OG Kush – SDOWA STRAIN REVIEWS – Click like on …


  • Andrew Hidinger

    id hit a bong with some skywalker og in the bowl with her anyday

  • Tim cook

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  • HaterzLuvForever

    Wow age restricted, such bullshit. 

  • Justin Loredo

    can watch her take bong rips all day..

  • Jacob Harris

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  • okey tokey

    she doesnt know 1 single thing she is talking about! i refuse to buy weed
    from a girl.

  • bulletboi223

    u pretty

  • xxxDABADDESTxxx

    @br1anzzz haha yeah she does… see her all the time



  • guitaralex22

    What are you faggots crying about? You guys don’t like girl stoners or
    something? U probably where beanies and get stoned with ur bros and trip
    out lol

  • DrownedCarcass88

    iv’e never been to any san diego dispensary’s so i can’t say for sure if
    this is the real deal skywalker og, but hands this is one of the best
    strains i’ve tried in a loong time. if your a patient you need to get your
    hands on this, you won’t be disappointed.

  • HoboJIm117

    Sweet video, but the pan flute is definately for the lose.

  • tracy malaba

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  • 561neko

    Damm u suk gud

  • guest2008420

    @krazykanadian6 You explained why you prefer the illegal market. So I
    explained why I prefer the legal market. How does that have nothing to do
    with your comment?

  • italianbc

    Hi there, From BC, Question for you?? Can a BC,Canadian .Come to Say your
    dispensary in Cali, USA and get a Med card ??Great show you Rock…Ciao

  • laxking103

    for some reason when a girl rips a bong and knows what they are doing, it
    attracts me towards them x100…

  • DoughBoyLGMX3

    The fuk man i always see this chick on youtube for sum reason .. she’s
    fukin hot ima go to that shop just for her

  • MrB4

    haaaaahahahaaaaaaa oh god did anyone else notice how fake the bong
    rip/rings were? that was hilarious

  • Nicky Scarfo

    that shit looks good definetly grab some of dat if get a chance,wouldnt
    mind the babe as well.