Sen. Stein debates bill that closes women’s health clinics

Sen. Josh Stein debates against closing women’s health clinics.
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The Women’s health clinic At the Patricia and Russel Fleischman women’s clinic we provide medical care for all women of any age. Our all in one clinic saves …
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  • Louis M Duke

    As usual, Josh Stein is speaking truth to madness on the floor of the #NCGA.
    This is why he is my favorite State Senator. #NCPol

  • AgentHugHoe

    I appreciate this man. [:

  • stembuk

    In your own words, you state this ‘blocks abortion funding’. If funding is
    not available, then how are abortions and/or clinics going to be available
    for those on low incomes who can’t afford other options? This is just a
    sneaky, backdoor method to force clinics to shut down. Could somebody
    please explain what the sudden US Politicians obsession with control over a
    womans’ right to chose/ reproductive rights is?

  • stewartx5

    Closes women’s health clinics? Utter hogwash! Read it! THIS LEGISLATION
    abortion funding through a state exchange under Obamacare (all other
    existing funding methods remain intact), bans sex-selective abortions,
    requires doctor supervision during chemical abortions, and requires clinics
    to meet basic health & safety standards similar to an ambulatory surgical
    center (aka, emergency room). That’s it.

  • emily holton

    Snakes. Go Stein!

  • stewartx5

    I also said “all other existing funding methods remain intact.” Women are
    in fact getting abortions now without state contributions of Obamacare
    (which itself hasn’t even started yet), so it’s patently absurd to suggest
    this provision will shut down abortion clinics or deprive anyone of an
    abortion. By the way, many states are introducing legislation to block
    state contributions to Obamacare because most states simply can’t afford it.

  • Brenda Swicegood

    How could this have happened ? I know there are rules; what happened to the
    rules?Thank you for supporting women and our rights.

  • david wendelken

    The GOP members suspended the rules. I watched them do this on a different

  • Meg Miller

    Thank you for you powerful truthfulness!!

  • david wendelken

    People do not show up for emergency surgery – they go to the emergency
    room. Not all the same provisions are necessary.

  • stembuk

    Agreed – and if this were to pass, how many clinics or providers do you
    think would be able to afford to upgrade their premises to what’s being
    demanded? Another way of forcing them to close – ‘You can’t afford to have
    what we demand, well, too bad. Looks like you’re closing.’

  • lee n.

    I have a niece living in North Carolina. I worry about her and her health
    because her constitutional Rights are being outlawed by a radical group of
    old white men.

  • Halophilic NC

    I’m going to convince my daughter to leave this state when she’s deciding
    where to go to college.

  • brinda715

    Thank you for standing up!

  • Karen Koontz

    DAMN STRAIGHT!! Every last one of ’em should be ashamed of himself.

  • iDentarthurdent

    Great job Senator!