Salvia, Salvia Divinorum

Salvia Divinorum is a small green leafy plant native to the cloud forest of the Sierra Mazateca region of Mexico. According to botanists this is a psychoactive plant belonging to salvia genus. The plant was given name as “divinorum” because of its traditional use in divination and healing. However it is known by different names across the world like diviner’s sage, ska maría pastora and seer’s sage because of the fact that the herb was anciently used for religious purpose by Mazatec shamans for facilitating visionary states of consciousness during spiritual healing sessions.

Salvia was first discovered and recorded in print by American anthropologist, Jean Basset Johnson while he was studying Mazatec shamanism in 1939. But it was not until 1990 that the plant was rediscovered by the global underground hallucinatory culture and started being used and became popular in the recent years.

This amazing herb, related to common sage, has been used for centuries to produce powerful visions in the process of spiritual healing and divination. The leaves of Salvia have long been used as sources to induce out of body experiences, astral projection, divination and to enhance spiritual development. Salvia divinorum was earlier prescribed as remedy for headaches and was popularly used in treatment of rheumatism. According to a study conducted by professor of University of Lowa, Salvia may have potential as an analgesic and may be used for treating drug addictions.  The lower dosages of this miraculous herb are however used as diuretic and as treatment for ailments like diarrhea, anemia and a semi-magical disease known as panzón de borrego, or a swollen belly.

Reportedly the short term effects produced after the intake of this rare herb are increased insight, improved mood, improved concentration and increased confidence. Now-a-days salvia dragon, the extract made from salvia divinorum is quite popular in the recent times and is known to generate effects like lucid out of body experiences, feeling of weightlessness, finding the secret knowledge, feeling of oneness and peace with the universe, feeling calm and peaceful.  The sale of Salvia Dragon is usually not very common and is quite costly when purchased from retailers. The best way to buy salvia divinorum would be to purchase from online suppliers who usually offer these products at affordably lower rates.

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