Safe or not? More studies examine the risk of electronic cigarettes

Safe or not? More studies examine the risk of electronic cigarettes
How safe are electronic cigarettes and what public health role could they play in reducing the risk from consuming tobacco products? As the tobacco industry, consumers and public health advocates continue to wait on the Food and Drug Administration …

Scots to Investigate Link Between Wind Farms & Insomnia, Dizziness, & Raised
The Scottish government has commissioned a report into the health effects of wind farms at 10 sites across the country, following concerns that many people may be suffering from the effects of infrasound emitted from the turbines. The Sunday Express …
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Harvard-trained former mime researches health benefits of circus arts on Maine
She's coined the term “developmental circus arts” to describe her field of study, the theory and practice of fostering better physical, social and emotional health through circus arts. Her goal is to contribute to a base of evidence that will encourage …
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Marijuana Addiction in Teens Could Result in Negative Cognitive Consequences
Some legalized strains of marijuana have higher levels of THC (which is responsible for marijuana's psychological effects) than others. Some studies have suggesting frequently smoking marijuana with high THC levels can lead to future problems with …
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