Remove yellowing Marijuana leaves on plants in flower ?

Yellowing leaves in the Flower stage of growth.
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  • helio raposo

    Hey im on week 1 veg and my bigger leaf is rip on the side why is it doing
    that someone help

  • Angie C

    I have some leaves that are half brittle brown and half green. I’m almost
    to the end, should I remove them? BTW, this is my first grow and it’s an
    autoflower. Thank you, this video made up my mind. I have a couple plants
    that all the leaves are turning yellow. They are close as well and I wasn’t
    sure if I should remove them. I’ve been only removing the ones that come
    off with little effort. 

  • Clark Kent

    I have never done any changing of the flowering light cycle, except I used
    to gradually scale back the light after week 6 or so. I would gradually get
    down to 11 hours.It didn’t make much of a difference really,except, it will
    help a stubborn plant finish up, especially if you can drop the temps at
    the same time.

  • Ivan Cornejo

    Thank you

  • Drew Grow

    Thank you for your comment 🙂

  • Drew Grow

    Thats a cool song too “Smoke weed every day”

  • manu moka

    i planted them in high nitrogen potting soil, so what’s theory b?

  • Drew Grow

    Thanks for the info. I always have used 24hrs of light but the argument
    sometimes is where in this world do plants have 24 hrs of light. Have you
    ever changed the hrs of light in budding? I have heard rumor that if you
    run a few weeks at more than 12hrs but still enough to trigger flowering
    you can get bigger buds but the number of days until maturity increases ?

  • Clark Kent

    You are definitely right about the lower buds that don’t get as much light.
    I have been telling people for 30 years that the buds under the canopy that
    don’t get near as much light, are just as healthy and crystalized as the
    upper buds. Leave the leaves on until they are ready to fall off.They
    supply the food that the plant uses during flowering to make buds.If you
    take off to many leaves, your buds will suffer for it.

  • Crysmatic

    As I understand it, yellow leaves signal a deficiency – which means the
    plant overall is not getting enough food to grow chunky buds. The higher
    the EC (or hotter the soil mix), the more bud growth is stimulated, as
    opposed to growing leaf material. Chopping off sun leaves in early flower
    also signals the plant to switch to growing bud. If you grow in a dry
    environment (<<<70%), the plants basically hyperventilate. Chopping leaves helps here too. hth

  • will2games

    Depending on the stage I would try to correct the yellowing befor removing.
    IMO During flowering 5 weeks and up I would remove them. That reasoning
    would cause more air flow for a now useless leaf.

  • fernando ferrandini

    actually.. if new leaves are yellowing .. you have nitrogen def. otherwise
    is natural lifecycle.. like… get rid of what you dont need or use anymore
    and focus on what it’s important…

  • mike carr

    keep plants moist to dry stresses them out and makes everthing go out of

  • dope_squad
  • dope_squad

    Here’s to every one that says you can’t smoke leaves… You can I’ve done
    it with 4-5 leaves , dried them, chopped them up, and rolled them. Every
    part of the plant has THC

  • Kyle Horned Eeagle


  • Caleb Hopkins

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  • Caleb Hopkins

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  • Tashay Collins

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  • flance0163

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  • smileymann2

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  • jesus ortega

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  • Phillip Helgren

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  • aniq mirza

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    it with anything its jus pure leaves if yu smoke that will it get yu high

  • MasterBong08

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  • Summilux

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  • Deltrix4762

    you basically just drank chlorophyll.


    Can you extract THC from leaves ? My friend said that if you take a mason
    jar and put a teabag full of weed in the bottom ,it will make a weed tea,
    but my uncle made weed tea as a kid in the EU ,where you can sometimes find
    it growing in the woods ,and said it tasted like socks and didnt work ,
    though I think he used hemp instead .Main point is , do people who have
    plants use their leaves for hash or are they worthless ?Other then healthy
    grass juice can u use the leaves for anything else?

  • MasterBong08

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  • Kkat Yoshi

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  • TripleEyedGemini

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  • 420ChinkEyes

    Yes you can get high off leaves, you just have to smoke alot more than you
    would with bud. I’m not proud to say it but when I’m in a bind and don’t
    have any bud I will smoke leaves.