Quitting Smoking Timeline

Quitting Smoking Timeline

“Quitting Smoking Timeline” emphasizes the positive effects of quitting smoking and how the body restores itself to health.


  • NoBiggie

    about 50 hours in without cigs and I am feeling smells !!! My perfume
    smells so good!!!! its amazing. Its like im re discovering the world of
    smells. :)

  • Gia Rcheulishvili

    Do not count days! That makes harder for you… Imagine that you’ve never
    ever smoked a single cigarette and that that’s something you are not
    familiar with. Ensure yourself into this and be free… 

  • NoobU CantBeat

    on day 3, lot harder than i thought i thought it was going to be,

  • Jackie Wilson Fan

    I’m on day 5 now. 122 hours to be exact… Hows you’s all going? I am
    eating like a frikken pig I must admit. And chocolate too, which is
    probably as bad as smoking do you think? Anyway, what ever works… Instead
    of smoking I just eat what EVER I want when ever I want it. So it’s been
    going something like this: Chinese, pizza, noodles, tacos, burgers potato
    chips and sweets. I start the day with fruit and and lots of water though
    to flush the body. Yes, so this is a new personal best for me and I really
    owe it to the few little things that Allen Carr has instilled. I’m getting
    some more of his stuff from the library soon. Peace everyone. Please send
    me a few lines about how your going with your quitting as I feel lonely lol

  • ItsOttis

    Well I’m 6 months cigarette free now, and all I can say is E-Cigarettes are
    what made that possible. Just use nicotine vaporisers, then gradually
    switch to nicotine free e-liquid… then just stop smoking all together.
    The process took 5 months for me. 

  • y34r

    i’ve already quit smoking for 2 years, i was heavy smoker for 13 years.
    if i can quit , you all can quit, stop being such a fking weak pussy 

  • Gurmeet singh

    A week and two days I’m still craving but it’s much easier to deal with I’m
    so happy I’ve stopped why the hell did I start 

  • Tae Rhee

    I used to be very athletic in my high school days, then after I graduated I
    started smoking for about 3 years (pack a day) If I start working out again
    such as sprinting, boxing, and crossfit for examples, would it take less
    time to be back to perfect health? (I prefer a doctor or someone in college
    majoring in the health care field to answer this)

  • Brandon H

    I have been smoke free for 6 days now. I feel so much better. I love the
    fact that I can walk without getting winded. My lungs are still recovering,
    but they’re much better than they were this time last week.

  • Jackie Wilson Fan

    Man, does anyone else get a bit choked up at about the 2:00 minute mark of
    this video? It gets me every time.. I can’t wait to be over the little
    niggling emotions.

  • AASH Webshow

    5 days, the cravings aren’t that bad, but the moodswings and panic attacks
    are like hell

  • Johnnypoker777

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    He will help You Quit for Free!!!!!

  • metabolicshaun

    As of typing this I’ve been nicotine free for 120 hours. The first three
    days or so were hell & I was in a non stop world of shit, time even seemed
    distorted, time took so long to pass. It got much easier after that though.
    This video has helped me so much. Whenever I was consumed by nicotine
    deprived rage, hate, anger, sadness or pain I put this video on. I always
    thought inside my own head “If I give up now & smoke a fag I’ll undo all
    the progress I’ve made on the timeline so far”
    I loved it how every time I came back to watch this video I was further
    along the timeline since my last viewing.
    I am still suffering, but this is nothing compared to the first three days.
    This is childs play compared to the early withdrawal symptoms.
    Been a smoker for 8 years & I hate it.
    Thank you to the maker of this video.

  • PrinceOfThehippies

    i havent had a cigarette in a few weeks, feels amazing

  • Aaron Green

    If you’re still debating: Encouragement…